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Top 3 books of 2018

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2 hours ago, HelenaExMachina said:

Well that’s three books so there’s your top 3 :P 

They probably would be too but i read a ton of detective mystery stuff too but can't remember all the names honestly. For fantasy i read gardens of the moon and the first stormlight archive but didnt like either really. I also read the first one in the 2nd apocalypse series and didnt love it but i could see myself liking it, it got better near the end.

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Top two is easy:

Children of Time and Dogs of War - by Adrian Tchaikovsky. 

Picking a third out of the other 68 books I read last year is trickier. Probably the safest bet is Wild Swans by Jung Chang.

I'm trying to figure out what the worst three books were too. Again, it's hard to choose. Out of a total of 70 I had about 10 really good and 10 really bad reading experiences. Some of the ones that I would absolutely not recommend would be:

-In the Vanisher's Palace by Aliette de Bodard 

-either of the novella things by Scott Lynch

-Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt




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1. Children of Time - Adrian Tchaikovsky

2. The Cartel - Don winslow

3. Norse Mythology - Neil Gaiman

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In terms of books released in 2018 I'd say

1) heroes - Stephen fry

2) Persepolis Rising - james corey

3) grey sister - mark lawrence


In terms if books read in 2018

1) last two Warlord Chronicles - bernard cornwell

2) the city of mirrors - justin Cronin

3) the mad ship - robin hobb

I read a bunch of great non-fiction too but can't listify them.

I'm still reading "belle sauvage" and "the ember blade" but i think both of them would have probably displaced no.3 in both lists.


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On ‎1‎/‎2‎/‎2019 at 8:39 AM, Maithanet said:

This isn't just a list for fiction.  Disaster Artist is nonfiction, for example.  I'd certainly be interested in top notch history books.   

In that case, I read a number of good history books this year. A few of the real standouts among these good books were:

Empires of the Sea: The Siege of Malta, the Battle of Lepanto, and the Contest for the Center of the World by Roger Crowley

The Apache Wars: The Hunt for Geronimo, the Apache Kid, and the Captive Boy Who Started the Longest War in American History by Paul Andrew Hutton

The Age of Gold: The California Gold Rush and the New American Dream by H.W. Brands

Storm of Steel by Ernst Junger

The Cruelest Miles: The Heroic Story of Dogs and Men in a Race Against and Epidemic by Gay and Laney Salisbury

The White War: Life and Death on the Italian Front,  1915-1919 by Mark Thompson

With the Old Breed by Eugene B Sledge

The Cruelest Miles was the most pleasant surprise of all my 2018 reads. Two sisters who got into dogsledding decide to write a book about the 1925 Nome serum race. It was gripping. The story is captivating and the book did it justice. A real page turner.

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It's really only been Malazan for 2018, so:

1. Memories of Ice

2. Midnight Tides

3. Deadhouse Gates

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Hard to pick out just 3 this year.  I read All 16 Realm of the Elderlings books this year for the first time on top of many other great books but if I had to narrow it down while choosing only 1 from each series I read I'd say it was:

1. The Library at Mount Char

2. Assassin's Fate

3. The Thousand Names

HM: The Stone Sky and City of Stairs. 

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