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Something that keeps bothering me about Maegor's deminse...

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Maegor's end is obviously the mirror of Aegon II's end. Both will have the enemy armies at King's Landing's gates, both obviously killed to avoid more bloodshed, both have their kingsguards punished in some way - because they didn't do their duty, or even because some actually betrayed their king.

It's also probable that the common widsom that the Iron Throne cuts bad rulers was directly inspired by Maegor's death - after that, people assumed that a ruler that got cut by the throne had to be a quite bad one, since it reminded them of Maegor's demise.

Now, if it was the Faceless Men's doing remains to be seen. An important point would be: hiring FM to do it costs a lot, their customer has to sacrifice a lot; so, is there any prominent Westerosi noble/official who seemed to have lost a lot, or something highly precious, at the time of Maegor's death? Because then we would know who might have commissioned the murder.

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