I now the title is weird but I have a question related to Calla Blackfyre's name and the Kingswood Brotherhood, I also want to discuss if my Disney tinfoil is correct or not.  In ADWD we are told Blackfyre line is extinct in male line but the possibility of a female line is also hinted at. The only female Blackfyre with a name is Calla but George shot that down when he said Bittersteel, Calla's bethored, didn't have any children. It wasn't a surprising information considering the fact no child of Aegor was part of the Blackfyre Rebellions and Jon Connington in ADWD says Aegor died alone. There is still a possibility Aegor and Calla wasn't married and Calla married someone else or maybe it is an unnamed daughter/granddaughter that is the source of female line which is tragic, but it certainly looks like George didn't care much about House Blackfyre if that's the case. So if Calla isn't the source of female line of Blackfyres what is the reason she is the only Blackfyre female that was named? Calla is an interesting name, it is not a Valyrian name so Rohanne must choose it, Daemon could always name his eldest daughter Daena after his only parental figure and that wouldn't change anything since Daena will be a background character that lived before the series began. So what's the significance of the name Calla? Why George chose this name since he cares about character naming?  Calla is the only asoiaf princess figure that shares a name with a Disney princess, not a Snow White kinda classic but Disney's TV show Adventures of the Gummi Bears had a Princess Calla. She is described as stubborn, tomboy and easy to aggravate, has blonde hair she braids and black eyes, she is the only heir of her father King Gregor as she has no brothers. She is said to be a good archer and sowrdsman.  After this information dump I want to ask my question, is there any way that Kingswood Brotherhood was another Blackfyre attempt with Smiling Knight and Wenda the White Fawn being Blackfyres?  Jaims says Smiling Knight was the Mountain of his childhood and in Adventures of the Gummi Bears, King Gregor disguise himself as the Black Knight for a tourney. Princess Calla herself could be said to have a Valyrian look with her blonde hair, and we know from Darkstar and Young Griff that purple eyes can look black. Daena and Disney Calla also shares a love for archery, and Disney Calla participate in a tourney as a mystery knight, we are told Daena herself wasn't allowed to participate in tourneys.  Since there are similarities between Disney Calla and Daena + Gregor and Smiling Knight, is it possible Wenda and the Smiling Knight were related to Daemon IV or other Blackfyres that had to left Tyrosh after Maelys attacked the city?  One last question, since we don't know what happened to Wenda after Simon Toyne died, is it possible she is still alive and she is Lady of the Leaves? She lives at the Riverlands know which is interesting because I suspect Oswyn was from the Riverlands since Os- names seems to be common in the Riverlands, there is a Os- named Septon, two Osmund Freys and Oswell Whent from the area.