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Can Cat be happy?

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2 minutes ago, Clegane'sPup said:

Fortunately for me somebody put the frekking 800-1000 page five books on a searchable site.

Yes.  Less work for me too.

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9 hours ago, Platypus Rex said:

Jinglebell was also a victim.

"Walder sacrificed Jinglebell and openly cared little to nothing for him at the end."

I never justified anything Walder did.  Cat still murdered Jinglebell.   And if you want to say "Walder did it too", that's fine.  Cat and Walder both murdered Jinglebell.  Many people can be responsible for a single murder.

Look, I'm not saying this because I want to come down too hard on poor Cat.  I'm perfectly willing to excuse her on the grounds of temporary insanity.  Her final mad act is relevant not because I want to pass judgment on her soul, but because it becomes the defining moment of her revenant's undead persona.   But "I swore an oath" is not an excuse for murdering innocent people, and Cat's last act was not a good act.

"The Freys who were remaining at that Castle that night were all in on it, they knew, even Roslyn, The Red Bride knew,"

Are you now justifying the revenge murder of Roslin?  How about the murder of Edmure, when he refuses to murder his own wife and infant daughter on UnCat's demand?

Anyhow, it is doubtful that Roslin is actually guilty of murder.  She probably sensed or guessed something, but we don't know exactly what.  It is very unlikely that ALL the Freys at the castle knew about it.  When you want to keep a secret, you don't tell EVERYBODY.  Everyone with a need to know anything (including Roslin) would have to be given the appropriate instructions.  But Roslin did not need to know much, and probably did not know much.  If she sensed she was being sacrificed, for political reasons, to men her father and brothers (still) regarded as bitter enemies, that could well be enough reason for her fixed smile and her crying.

Of course, there are also plenty of Freys who were NOT at the castle.  You think Lady Stoneheart would spare any of them?   What about the small children?  Do you think LSH would spare them?  Or is murdering 12-year olds her limit?  I don't think so.

this is just going to go down to one's perspective. Everyone has one and I stand by mine. 

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On 1/13/2019 at 12:18 AM, Platypus Rex said:

As GRRM has said in an SSM, these kinds of creatures are bound by the missions they had in life.  And, as you say, Beric's mission was not particularly useful to the dark force that animated him.  That's why it abandoned Beric at the first opportunity., and entered Catelyn's corpse.  

Couldn't agree less. Beric gave his spark to Catelyn because he promised Arya to back het to her mother. This zombie theory I don't think it fits. Lady Stoneheart is not a zombie. Beric was not a zombie. They are tortured spirits with mission which they have to complete to rest in peace. 

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