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James Steller

Was there any bloodless way to resolve the succession crisis?

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Was there any bloodless way to resolve the succession crisis?

This question is applicable to the succession crisis that fell on the Baratheons.  More so.  At least both contenders were Targaryens in the Dance.  The Baratheons fought among themselves and the throne ended up with Joffrey Lannister.  The only tragedy from the Dance is the death of many dragons.  The people fighting on both sides are casualties that happened again in the Baratheon succession crisis.  It's the dragons who lost in the Dance.  

Succession crisis on a smaller, local scale will continue to happen.  Doran is not so secure in his rule.  Some in Dorne want him gone.  Euron doesn't have support of the Harlaws.  Theon, Vic, and Asha are threats to his rule.  Roose Bolton and Stannis fight in the north.  The Freys are eagerly waiting for their patriarch to pass on so they can take his place.  I foresee the same crisis within the Stark clan.  The Kingsmoot looks civil and democratic on the surface but there was a lot of blood underneath.  As long as human nature is what it is the answer is "no".

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