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New Forum Census (AKA Where Are You From?)

A True Kaniggit

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Grew up in that place where it is hotter than hell in the summer and colder than a whale digger's ass in the winter, and spring last about a two whole days, and is that rusty speck which you might have glanced at once or twice while flying from New York to LA or something and then forgot about.

Some call it Ohio.

Lived in other places for several years and then moved back.

Why did I move back? I think I was drunk or something.

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American.  Born in West Virginia, entire family is from there, but only lived there for about 11 years total in two different stints.  Actually have spent more of my life in Virginia than anywhere else, 13 years total.  But have also lived in Arkansas for 3 years, DC for 2, Scotland for 1, and Texas for the last 5. 

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