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Faegon will get grey plague from jon connigton and die

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On 2/4/2019 at 2:37 AM, Jova Snow said:

Ugh no, Aegon could have greyscale when they saved Tyrion - but now the possibility of Tyrion having Greyscale is higher. Aegon has to fight against Euron and has Reach by his side he can't have an anticlimactic end imo. 


12 minutes ago, Alexis-something-Rose said:

I think Aegon is going to die during the war for the dawn. I know everyone is all about the second Dance, but it really doesn't have to be like the first or even Dany vs Aegon, especially if the horn Victarion has in his possession is the real deal.

One thing that annoys me with Jon Conn's greyscale is that he also went into the water to fish Tyrion out. Did no one tell him to bathe in vinegar or did he just say no to it? I get that Tyrion drank half the Sorrows and almost drowned and was more at risk, but the guy who dove in to save him was also exposed. 

George R. R. Martin keeps the reader off balance.  You would think Tyrion is the one who got the greyscale.  You would also think the daughter of Jaeherys and Allysanne would be immune to the shivers.  Randomness is at work to keep us from making conclusions.  There is no rhyme nor reason for Jon to get greyscale while Tyrion, Aegon, and everyone else on that boat are free of it.  We just have to get used to the fact that not everything has an explanation.  George made his living writing science fiction before the Song.  He's gone the opposite direction with Song and taken the science out of it.  

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