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Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2019

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I feel like I should drop out of the league this year. Things are hectic and I don't want to be the person that misses an auction draft and messes it up for everyone. I really don't know my availability for the upcoming few weeks but there will always be that possibility I miss the auction. So feel free to remove me and try and get someone else. Still have 10 days at least.



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Sorry to hear that @fuentez1138. For all, the draft is next Sunday at 2pm PDT (we can still adjust time) -- let me know if you can't make it. Otherwise, I think we're fine to continue with only 9 (or even 8 if someone else needs to drop). Also, happy for anyone else to join if anyone knows of anybody interested.

@boiled leather
@JJ Lannister
@Jaime L
@Bronn Stone

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