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Platypus Rex

Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

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Everyone knows Jon was fathered by the under butler to House Notonyournelly via time flip quantum travel and that his mother was the second cousin to the Pegasus used in the original Jason & the Argonauts film.  Honestly! 

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I think Rhaegar and Lyanna are Jon's parents. The evidence is too overwhelming at this point. However, I like what you are thinking with Dawn and the Sword of the Morning.

On 2/10/2019 at 6:18 PM, Platypus Rex said:

One point that could be raised in defense of the various Dayne heritage theories is that the Dawn sword and the title "Sword of the Morning" have been dropped like Chevov's Guns, arguably waiting for some kind of resolution; and one might arguably anticipate that they are going to be important in the second war for the dawn.  But we don't have too many prominent characters who would be capable of wielding a greatsword, Jon Snow is one of them; and moreover is the only one that is hinted to have any Dayne heritage

That said, Rhaegar and Arthur Dayne are distant cousins through Rhaegar's great-great-grandmother, Dyanna Dayne. If there is something special about having Dayne heritage, Rhaegar was just as much a descendant of the original Sword of the Morning as Arthur and Ashara were.

I don't know what all this means, but I'm very interested to find out more about the Daynes. It is clear that they have some significance in this story. They've been there right from the beginning (Starfall was one of the few places marked on the original maps) and there is still so much that is mysterious about them.

Also, as a weird aside, both Rhaegar and Lyanna both have Blackwood great-grandmothers for whatever that is worth.



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