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[WTB] Lettered Ed of Songs of Ice and Fire Individually (mismatch OK!) or Set - CLOSED

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UPDATE: Got my lettered set! Please disregard this posting!

I am currently looking to collect an entire set of lettered editions of the Song of Ice and Fire set, individually (or set), mismatched letter OK!!!

I am not very picky with trying to complete a matching set as I still find intrinsit value in even a single lettered copy and quite frankly, I find the premium attached with having a complete set too tolling financially.

However, if the matched set's pricing seems to fall in line with what has been trading currently, than I am up for the purchase too.


I am crazy about the condition of the books and slipcasing. I like to purchase only absolute pristine set without a single flaw of flaw (discoloration, chilling, foxing, fading, tears, folds, wrinkles, sratches, wears, and etc.)

Please let me know!!!

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