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Platypus Rex

Poll: Is Varys a Woman?

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This is a poll.  Please answer "Yes" or "No" to the following question:

Is Lord Varys, Who Is Supposed to be a Eunuch, Actually a Woman?

For context, Varys' mysterious origin, effeminacy, outbursts of maternal sentiment, and mummer's talents, have inspired the thought that he may actually be a disguised woman.  While the "Compendium of Theories" refuses to give this one the time of day, you can find any number of threads on this and other forums discussing the issue over the years.

His tale of his castration, supposedly meant to show his hatred of magicians, may instead be meant to avert suspicion in case he is seen to piss the wrong way; as it established that, despite most eunuchs, he completely lacks male genitalia.

This idea has been connected to the Varys=Blackfyre theory, inspired in part by Varys' shaved head, which, as with "Egg", may hide Valyrian traits.  Varys remains male in most versions of the Varys/Blackfye theory.  However, Varys' likely age, coupled with Illyrio's claim that Maelys' death ended the male line, might suggest that either Varys is not male or is not a Blackfyre.

More specifically, Varys has been identified with Serra, Illyrio's Lysene bride, supposedly dead of the plague; and particular note is taken of Varys' soft white hands.  It has also been suggested that Lollys may be one of Varys' disguises.

As to why Varys' gender might matter to the narrative, the usual suggestion is that he and/or Serra is the mother of Young Griff.  But perhaps grandmother is more likely, given the seeming maternal role of Septa Lemore, Varys statements about mothers not accepting separation from children, and Varys' probable age.

Please feel free to give reasons for your answers.  However, please try not to argue with reasons given by other posters until at least the third page of this thread.  After that, have at it.

Thank you in advance for all votes.


I will be keeping a running tally.  However, please ignore the tally, and say what you really think.   Remember, boys and girls:  JUST BECAUSE IT IS UNPOPULAR, DOES NOT MEAN IT IS NOT TRUE!

2 for to 32 against, so far.

For:  Rufus Snow, Jabar of House Titan, and (not counted) Platypus Rex.

Against: Widowmaker 811, Euron III Greyjoy, Paltogue, Missing Benjen, The hairy bear, Megavora, Prince of the North, zandru, Lollygag, Aurane, Back door hodor, Legitimate_Bastard, Daemon The Black Dragon, Dorian Martell's son, Eltharion21. FunFalconryFacts, Clegane'sPup, White Ravens, kleevedge, DMC, BalerionTheCat, Amris, JRRStark, The Weirwoods Eyes, Sea Dragon, Plain Simple Tailor, nyser1, Haus Berlin, the trees have eyes, bent branch, broken one, TheThreeEyedCrow.


Previous "Unpopular Theory" Polls (in order of popularity):

"Did Jojen Die Off-Page in DANCE?"*:  16 for to 29 against (35.6%).  Supported by  Gertrude, chrisdaw, WyldFyre, Penny's Got a Gun, Megavora, Back door hodor, Lost Melnibonean, Tucu, acwill07, Ibbison from Ibben, Son of Man, Remiem, OtherFromAnotherMother, Lynesse, Jo Maltese, Paltogue.  Opposed by:  HelenaExMachina, kissdbyfire, many others.

"Is the House with the Red Door in Dorne?"*:  8 in favor to 29 against (21.6%).  Supported by  TPTWP Timett, Sly Wren, Nezza86, Impbread, Sophia Wilson17, Sigella., Lollygag, Sweet Desire.  Opposed by:  Ran, Ygrain, many others.

"Did Summer See a Dragon?"*:  8 for to 37 against (17.8%).  Supported by:  Legitimate_Bastard, rustythesmith, TPTWP Timett, Remirem, kleevedge, Gertrude, Wolfkin, sweetsunray.  Opposed by:  The hairy bear, kissdbyfire, Lost Melnibonean, many others.

"Is Jon Snow the Son of a Dayne?":  6 for to 37 against (13.9%).  Supported by:   Sly Wren, Enuma Elish, Vaedys Targaryen, JS97, SophiaWilson17, kleevedge.  Opposed by:  kissdbyfire, many others.

"Is Quentyn, called 'Frog', Still Alive?"*:  2 for to 42 against (4.5%).  Supported by: SophieWilson17, Tucu. Opposed by:  kissdbyfire, many others.

"Is Daario actually Euron?"*:  2 in favor to 43 against (4.4%).  Supported by: Adam Targaryen, Paltogue.  Opposed by:  kissdbyfire, Lost Melnibonean, many others.

To save space, I have only listed the names of the brave souls who supported each prior Unpopular Theory, as well as one or two Forum Big Shots who opposed it.  No disrespect to the other Victorious Winners of the poll is intended.  The full tally of names of all voters can be found in the original threads.  While I do not county my own votes, those I support are marked with a "*".

Edited by Platypus Rex

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Varys isn't even a eunuch. He's a man (in full) and a long-practiced mummer and con-man.

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Don't believe he's an eunuch either. Too many mentions of descriptions of his voice dropping and his hating magic spiel also doesn't work because if he really hated magic, he'd be against the magical Targs, not for them. 

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I guess I can live with being a minority of one :devil:

I'm not 100% convinced he's male, whether intact or somewhat shop-worn - the only evidence for his backstory comes from his own testimony and we know he's an expert dissembler, liar and mummer... ok backed up somewhat by Illyrio, but as the two are clearly in cahoots, that's no better evidence than Varys can provide.

So, I still think it's possible Varys is, indeed, female.

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Currently, I'm trying to figure out if Varys is even a full/real human. Cue the tinfoil merman theories.

Frankly, I believe Varys is one of the Faceless Men. Male or female, doesn't matter. He's a gifted liar and a master of disguise already. And his secret conversation with Illyrio was explicitly featured in an Game of Thrones Arya chapter for a reason. And then there's his whole thing with his birds...maybe Varys commands a spy network of Faceless Men. Because the Faceless Men aren't supposed to be training children yet they just make an exception for Arya because...what? I think Varys was sent by the Faceless Men (or rather, the Iron Bank) to keep a steady pulse on the affairs of the Iron Throne and/or to get rid of old batsh!t Aerys and magic-loving space cadet Rhaegar. He can erase Aerys' line from history and create a cookie-cutter "Targaryen" to pitch as the king. Thereby we have a precedent for Arya being "allowed to leave" by the Faceless Men.

But let me stop and answer the question.

If we're talking about TV show Varys, then I believe his story. Book Varys? If Book Varys is male, I don't believe he's a eunuch. But again, if Book Varys is male, he can't be a Blackfyre. I mean, Illyrio could have lied but I fail to see the reason why he would or why GRRM would write that in as a lie.

So, in short, I'm going to vote YES. I think there's a very good chance that Varys is both female and a Blackfyre. The Targaryens are the magical, high-flying, superstar of an older brother but the Blackfyres are the much more grounded younger brother who ends up going further and longer than his elder brother did. Makes sense why Varys, as a female Blackfyre disguising herself as a eunuch, can still hate magic but support fAegon Blackfyre.

It also explains the birds. The birds (or some of them) could actually be Varys' children.

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16 minutes ago, DMC said:

Is there a "Uh, what?" option?

Welcome to the ASOIAF Forums.

Hope you survive the experience. You'll find that there's a lot of crazy theories circling around on here. And some of them may end up coming true.

Edited by Jabar of House Titan

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