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Upcoming TV Series of 2019/2020 - Your most anticipated shows


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15 hours ago, Ran said:

Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan are preparing to produce a series based on . . . Fallout for Amazon Prime

Surprised it hasn't been posted about already.

That's probably got a decent chance of seeing the light of day with those two involved. It feels like I've got my hopes up for a few proposed series by Amazon that have fallen through eg "Conan" and moreso "East of West" and "lazarus". I'm hoping the last two turn up elsewhere eg Apple/Netflix as they'd make great shows.

Wonder if videogames are going to be the next "big thing" on TV (having never really mastered film)? There's the halo show and the creative team involved in "the last of us" sounds too good to fail. If we include "the witcher" it's already started (and while it is based on the books it's hard to deny that the videogame wasn't an inspiration). It makes sense - a lot of games have great storylines these days and with 30-100 hours of gameplay are ripe for adaptation into TV shows.

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