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Black Crow

Heresy 219 and a whisper of Winter

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4 minutes ago, Black Crow said:

As to your first point that's precisely why I'm arguing that it was a formal, pre-arranged rencounter rather than the culmination of a military expedition.

As to the rest JNR and I are in agreement that Lyanna was't lying inside receiving a running commentary on the fight from whatever passed for the domestic staff, and that instead Lord Eddard went elsewhere [probably Starfall] to pick her up.

I’m in complete agreement that Lyanna wasn’t inside the tower of joy, and my guess was that she was never inside the tower of joy.  There is nothing about a tower that can be single handedly pulled down to create eight cairns located in a mountain pass which during wartime is mainly used for Dorne to have their army gather which is consistent with housing someone, especially a pregnant girl for any significant length of time.

But of course we have to answer the next logical question.  If Lyanna wasn’t in the tower of joy, why does Rhaegar refer to it as the tower of joy?  

I think the answer lies in what Rhaegar’s true passion was.  It’s evident that like Melisandre, Rhaegar seems very influenced by prophecy.  Specifically prophecies involving the Prince that was Promised, bleeding stars, and being reborn among salt and smoke.

Melisandre believes these prophecies are precursors to the coming fo the Long Night.  Aemon seems to agree with Melisandre on that point when he states that if the Battle for the Dawn is coming “where is the prince that was promised”.  In other words the Prince that was Promised in Aemon’s mind needs come about to fight the Battle for the Dawn.

If Aemon believes that, it seems a safe bet that Rheagar believed that as well.

I think we need to look at Rhaegar’s curious actions at Harrenhal and his alleged interest in Lyanna and her subsequent abduction through the lens of Rhaegar’s belief in prophecy.  In other words, like Melisandre, Rhaegar seems to be trying to steer events to meet his view of what needs to occur to fulfill the prophecy of the Prince that was Promised.

And it seems that the Prince that was Promised prophecy also involves dragons.  At least Aemon seems to believe that Dany may be the Princess that was Promised due to her dragons.  In fact he said that the dragons proved it.  

And couple that with the belief that the place that Rhaegar truly loved was Summerhall.  And the Summerhall tragedy specifically seems to be linked to this dream of dragons.

If Rhaegar and Melisandre may have been interpreting the same or similar prophecies, and if both Melisandre and Rhaegar seemed to think that dragons were an integral part of the prophecy, is it that much of a stretch to believe that both believed that the same type of sacrifice was needed to bring dragons back into existence?

So I wonder if perhaps, if Rhaegar named it the tower of joy, because he did anticipate a birth to occur there.  But perhaps he’s not referring to the birth of a human child, but instead the birth of a dragon, or dragons.  Or perhaps the tower of joy was where the prince that was promised prophecy was finally going to be fulfilled.

If this required a sacrifice or sacrifices of kingsblood, perhaps to include a child of Lyanna’s, then that may explain why Ned made a secret mission to the tower.  A mission that was made without Robert’s knowledge because it specifically dealt with rescuing Lyanna’s child a child she had with someone other than Robert.


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The common fan view is that the Kingsguard were at the Toj to protect Lyanna's son as a member of the royal family. 

I don't buy this, as the Kingsguard were there on Aerys's orders, and I don't see Aerys wanting to protect Rhaegar's son, at least not as much as Viserys or Aegon's family in King's Landing.  There was no war in Dorne so Lyanna would be much safer. 

Black Crow's view is that they agreed to duel at the Toj.  I don't buy this either.  Why would Ned agree to the duel?  He has nothing to gain if Lyanna is not in the tower. And why are the Kingsguard there?  Aerys certainly didn't ask them to wait at a remote tower a thousand miles away in case someone asks for a duel.

Ned was either there because of his sister or Ashara or both.  He fought because he felt he had to.  The Kingsguard were there on Aerys's orders, likely to do something that threatened Ned reaching Lyanna.  Unless there is a significant reason why, they were all at the Toj.  This is the simplest explanation and the story does not change if we say they were really somewhere else nearby.  GRRM is not going to give us a surprise twist that is trivially irrelevant. 

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