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the Last Teague

Marston Waters, most decisive Lord Commander EVER

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I definitely don't think following the Greens made you a bad person. Was Jason Lannister a bad person? I don't think so. He died fighting for the Green cause, though. This goes back to Eustace Osgrey's remark in "The Sworn Sword":


When two princes fight over a chair where only one may sit,great lords and common men alike must choose.

There were definitely bad actors on both sides, and people who followed the various people for reasons other than a belief that the one they followed had the right to the throne. We don't know that Waters followed Aegon for good or bad reasons, so we can't say. What we seem to see, though, is that he was a man who got in well over his head, who was manipulated by others at a complicated time in the history of Westeros, but in the end he recognized he had been a pawn to others and made the right choice at a key moment.

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