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Poll: Has Myrcella Already Died Off-Page?

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Yes and I think it will be kept a secret until Jaime is in Dorne.


I can see Jaime kidnap Tommen to lure Cersei to Casterly Rock when he truly took the little king to Highgarden. Maybe Ser Loras did it and Jaime only made the offer, so Cersei escapes her trial and the Tyrells can sort out their problems with the Faith on their own and in peace. Cersei is practically trapped in her former home, because Jaime's deal with the Brotherhood and the Tyrells keep her there. This and Aegon's arrival leads into Cersei's dissociation with her house. She insists on an affair between her mother and Aerys and rumors support her tale. Aegon's arrival changes Jaime's plans too, since Tommen is now the only hindrance to a marriage between Aegon and Margaery. Cersei's claim is heard in Dorne and they publicly doubt Aegon's. They promise to marry Myrcella to Tommen, but try to wed Arianne to Aegon all the same. Never would they have thought of Jaime, who now seeks shelter for the king but realizes Myrcella's death. He threatens to kill the king, if no Great Council takes place and returns to the Riverlands, which are neutral since Jaime's disappearance led to his army's withdrawl and the Frey's submission. It became a refugee camp under the renewed Brotherhood, so Tommen will be remembered as King of Turnips. ;-)

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I don't think she's going to die offpage either. I think she will be the last of Cersei's kids to die simply because Maggy's prophecy makes it pretty clear that her children will wear crowns and be nominal kings before they die tragic deaths. I think Myrcella will be Queen for maybe a few weeks (no more than a month) with Cersei as her regent.

However, the Iron Throne's power will be rather limited with Queen Myrcella only having control over King's Landing and its immediate surrounding what with all the turmoil.

  • Half of the Riverlands are a graveyard and the other half is going to be throwing in with the Vale and the North. Not quite sure what they will do and what they will contribute but hey...
  • The surviving Tyrells (won't be too many of them) will be held up in Highgarden and the rest of the Reach (excluding the Hightowers) will make common cause with Aegon.
  • Aegon will also be claiming the Stormlands, Dorne and probably a nice chunk of the Crownlands.
  • Euron will probably have Oldtown in addition to all his other territories (the Iron Islands, the Arbor, etc.) by then.
  • Daenerys will likely be on her way to Dragonstone.

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I don't think she is dead.  I think it possible that Rosamund was the one wounded by Darkstar, Arys having performed the old switcheroo in an attempt to retain/regain some semblance of honour.  

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Posted (edited)

To be quite honest, I had never considered that Myrcella's death could be by poison on Darkstar's blade, but it's a good one. My vote is split, because I don't think she'll die "off page". I'm quite confident we'll read all the gory details. And I'm going to vote "no" for death by poison from his blade, because I don't believe Darkstar knew in advance that they would be ambushed so soon. If any poison were applied to his sword, then it would have to be a ritual that he does all the time and people would know and comment about it. Poison is more of an Oberyn Martell or his Sand Snakes thing than a Dayne thing. Although "pissing" is referenced with some frequency in The Queenmaker chapter and Darkstar does step away to piss. He also stands with his foot on the head of a fallen statue of a maiden, which could be considered foreshadowing.

What I can see is Darkstar working his way back to Sunspear for another attempt on Myrcella as an assassin, but I'm also quite confident that Myrcella won't die until she is crowned - which hasn't happened yet. Doran could die, and then Arianne could marry Myrcella to Trystane and crown them both.


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