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Maesters, Summerhall, and the Death of the Dragons

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So Marwyn the Mage says that the maesters caused the extinction of the dragons. I've typically seen this interpreted as something they did during the reign of Aegon III and the Dance of Dragons. Since we know of four dragons still alive at the start of his reign, and that at least one more (the last) will be born and die during his reign I can see how that might be interpreted that way. However, I was wondering whether it might have been something later, during the lifetime of Archmaester Geor-I mean Gyldayn. World mentions that Aegon essentially had no Grand Maester for the last few years of his reign. Because he kept only being assigned old maesters who died quickly or didn't even make it at all until Pycelle. (Who would grow to be pretty damn useless.) So I'm wondering whether this is meant to be a hint that the maesters were sabotaging Aegon's attempts to successfully and not lethally hatch dragon eggs? Or if perhaps Gyldayn caused the Tragedy at Summerhall (which I would find hilarious.) 

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Those evil rats were probably sabotaging the eggs.  I don't think dragons are susceptible to poisons and the Targaryens kept the Dragon Pit guarded.  So the maesters were sabotaging the hatching of the eggs and murdering some of the babies.  What criteria they were using to decide which heir to murder is unclear. 

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