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2 truths and a lie

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38 minutes ago, Count Balerion said:

Dog seems most reasonable, so I will guess that's the lie. I hope the bluefish isn't a lie, because it sounds weird. Sorry if it was painful and traumatic, though. (Actually, squirrel might be fairly reasonable, too.)

Also, if the dog bit is true, I hope it wasn't rabid and brutal.


31 minutes ago, Lyanna<3Rhaegar said:


I can't get rid of the quote. My phone is being funky. 

That's a tough one! I'm gonna say the bluefish is the lie. Although it's probably the dog. I just can't decide 

Both reasonable and both wrong. Squirrel was the lie.

Have been bitten by dogs twice and still bear scares to prove it. The bluefish bite requires a bit more explanation. I fished constantly as a kid - for brook trout. Biggest one I ever caught was maybe 6 oz.s. A few years ago I went out fishing for bluefish in Cape Cod Bay with my brother in law. I caught one and did what I would have done with trout - grab it by the mouth with my left hand while I grabbed the hook with my right. But this fish was several pounds, strong, and with sharp teeth, so when it chomped down on my fingers (more out of reflex than anything) it did damage. I also didn't know that you can get very nasty infections from fish bites. My brother in law saw what I was going to do too late to stop me, but I think he felt responsible so they motored me right back to the house and packed me off to the hospital for shots. I learned never to do that again. :)

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