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[Poll] How would you rate episode 801?


How would you rate episode 801?  

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Excellent episode, setting the scene nicely.  A lot of scenes from the trailer were Ep1 so they really have done their utmost not to give too much away.

Couple of silly moments, mainly around Jon and his Dragon riding.  But I enjoyed the rest.  Now have to wait another week.  It's going to be a long week....

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1 minute ago, SansaJonRule said:

I think it's too soon to assume they won't. Did you notice the statue of Rickon and his wolf in the crypt?

You're right it possibly is too soon. But the amount of episodes they have dragons in, I really wished we got to see ghost again.

No i missed that bit I will need to watch it again.

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Largely what I expect for the first episode of the season--setting up for the rest of the season. The previous scenes and intro were great though! I was very peeved that it was only an hour instead of the hour and a half or so that we kept hearing it was going to be. If they'd had more time, I think it could have been an 8. Jon and Arya's reunion was a real let down.  Likewise Arya and Gendry.

Sansa and Lady Mormont were both as icy about Dany as I expected them to be.

Qyburn did say brothers - not brother - right? Do you think Bronn can do it when comes to it? I don't. Even Bronn has limits, and he hates Cersei.

But it was Sam's question to Jon I found most interesting. Jon gave up his crown to save his people. Will Dany do the same?

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I gave it a 6.
 As always, the visuals are very good. The opening scene was as big as it has to be. The music is awesome. Some scenes had the proper emotion. 
But after so much waiting, I can't avoid to feel disappointed. 
We are getting to the conclusion of a great story, and things that should be big deal,  they made them flat and with no soul, too rushed. Some examples are Jon riding Rhaegal, something that should be epic, they managed to turn it into a meme. 
The big revelation to Jon, the most important mistery since book one, very badly handled.
Danaerys knowing that one of her "kids" is now the puppy of the mad king, no pain, no grieve, no nada. She just goes for a ride with her boyfriend.
And no Ghost! That alone, deserves -3 points. So I'm very generous, I only took 1 for that.

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1 hour ago, SansaJonRule said:

I think it's too soon to assume they won't. Did you notice the statue of Rickon and his wolf in the crypt?

Uh oh. I suspect when the NK overruns Winterfell, he will reanimate the dead Starks as wights. Horrible when the Stark kids see their brother. Will Ghost come up against his zombie brother too?

By the way, was Ned's body returned to Winterfell, or just his head .....?

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Can't go higher than a 7.  DIdn't expect much other than this 'dark mirror' of Episode 1 and reunion/set-up for the future.

I am still finding much of the dialogue to be cheesy, as I have since they ran out of GRRM-dialogue from the books.

The time-travelling is irking me too - surely Cersei should be showing by now.

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It wasn’t too bad, it wasn’t too bad at all. I was expecting much much worse, but I guess that’ll come to pass as we progress anyway. Still, it was an okay kick off. 

There were some bad scenes, some really bad scenes, some scenes that worked because they were copied from other motion pictures and a child’s handful of scenes that were good in their own right. 

You could see that they were trying really hard which is always deserving of props. I wish they would decide what the hell they want to do, teen drama, horror, rom-com, drama or what the hell. The desperation for call-backs and parallels with season 1 is vibrating in every scene, it kinda makes you smile. Well you can see the effort and the motivation and that’s important. 

It is a shame though that Gemma Whelan, Nikolaj Coster Waldau and CGI Drogon were the only ones who delivered actual acting. 

I’d say I give it a 6/10 because I was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t that awful and I appreciate the effort. 


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