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[Poll] How would you rate episode 801?


How would you rate episode 801?  

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3 hours ago, Talking Hodor said:

Now I realize how subjective the statement "[so-and-so] can't act" really is.

Moreover, all actors at one time or another were unknown, possibly even living on the street. These were good enough to beat all their competitors for the role at their casting call, and ended up on the hugest TV show on the planet, so I'm pretty sure they're good at what they do.

A number of them were child actors, often in their first roles. They were chosen for their potential, but over the years some have developed into fine young adult actors, and some haven't.

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I must admit it was touching to see Jon enjoy riding the dragon which turned to be his real father's namesake and bonding with the Dragon Queen. And we see even Tyrion's wits fail him because of his misplaced faith in Cersei make the right decision and not stab them in the back and we see Theon finally get the ironborn's respect for Yara's sake and him being forgiven for his misdeeds by having done his duty to House Greyjoy. 

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