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Prediction: Daenerys will become a dragon

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Dany is no mere Targaryen. After reading Fire and Blood, it is clear that Targaryens are usually vulnerable to fire (Aegon the II was covered in burned scars). That Dany can survive fire (even dragon fire) is extraordinary. This ‘power’ of immunity of hers could have great use in combat against other dragons/dragon riders… but right now, Dany is the only one with dragons. Her power appears to have much more limited application against the Others. It seems likely to me that what we’ve seen of her powers is just the tip of the ice (fire) berg.

Anecdotal evidence to support theory:

Her father appeared to believe that he could transform into a dragon. While Aerys may just be crazy, it seems possible that there may be some old story/prophecy of the royalty of old valyria becoming dragons.

Aerea Targaryen was infested with parasites which she picked up from Old Valyria. These ‘slimy’ things appeared to die when their host’s temperature was too low. Balerion, the black dread, lived for many years after their travel. It seems possible that these parasites infest dragons, and found Aerea to be a suitable host due to her partial dragon-blood. She, however, was not immune to their heat, and so they cooked her from the inside. True dragons may survive them none the worse for wear. In fact, it may be that at the end of ADwD, Dany has these same parasites inside of her. She has a fever and some burns on her hands, she later has blood coming from her thighs and she doesn’t know why. It’s possible that she has been infested with these same parasites, which she got from sharing meat with Drogon. Drogon may well have found his way to old valyria in his time away from Dany, and picked up the parasites. Maybe these parasites have reached maturity inside Dany (who cannot be killed by the heat they produce) and clawed their way out of her. These could be firewyrm infants? But I digress.

There is also something about her still-born child that is interesting. “Twisted. I drew him forth myself. He was scaled like a lizard, blind, with the stub of a tail and small leather wings like the wings of a bat”.

There is a book mentioned in Fire and Blood called “Dragons, Wyrms, and Wyverns: Their Unnatural History”. This book is later banned. Why? It is also revealed that the mages of old Valyria practiced blood magic. What if the royalty of old valyria used blood magic on themselves to become part dragon? This would certainly explain why the Targaryens call themselves the ‘blood of the dragon’. Perhaps Dany is a very rare birth, who is more dragon than most (similar to how Bran is a very rare birth). Perhaps the book was banned because it revealed how unnatural the Targaryen origins are.


Last, maybe the bond that dragon riders and dragons share is not like warging (as I had speculated in the past), but instead more like a kinship – perhaps dragons can sense once another, and bond with one another.


Okay, that’s all the speculation I’ve got here. I think somehow, Dany will summon this power when the chips are down, which should prove very useful against the others.





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Posted (edited)

Yes she will, after she dies as a human she will begin a second life as a dragon. The first of the links in my signature explains in detail how it will occur.

Aeron will have a second life as a leviathan.

Euron (and Arianne) will have a second life as the stone beast, which is a dragon that becomes a sea dragon/monster/kraken hybrid/sphinx inflicted with a type of greyscale.

Stannis will become an ice dragon.


Aerea I think is probably a result of skinchanging a dragon. Maybe she was innately a skin changer or maybe she found something in Valyria (like a horn) that allowed her soul to slip her body. Maybe being in Valyria allows anyone to slip their soul, a sort of magical instability. Anyway, her human soul entered a dragon and came back to her human body. And then what happened to her is;

1) she got burned up from the inside. And this will happen to anyone else who just tries to skin change a dragon, they'll get burned from the inside out. What Mel did to Varamyr when he was in the eagle. Varamyr simply got pushed out of the eagle, Aerea being a Targ could maybe withstand more heat and was in there longer. I think she would go inside the dragon for as long as she could withstand and on more than one occasion.

For a soul to stay within a dragon it has to be able to survive within this fire, and that is the trick Targaryens alone knew how to do. It takes the sacrifice of a child. Dany has already made her sacrifice and thus will be able to survive within the fire.

2) Aerea skinchanged a pregnant/mating dragon, and brought back dragon embryos with her to her human body. Without the hard egg casing the embryos ate through her human womb and then body.

Probably Balerion went to Valyria to mate, his wound he sustained during mating and Aerea would skinchange either him or the dragon (or wyrm/wyvern) he was mating with whilst they mated.

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