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Jon II: What if Jon had been in the same situation as Bran?

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In Jon II, while Bran is lying comatose (and revealed to be paralyzed), Catelyn tells Jon that "it should have been you". This statement has colored a lot of perceptions of Catelyn, her character fixed as a monster and the worst character. I mean, how could you say that to someone, that they should have been pushed out of a tower and rendered comatose?

But what if Jon had been in the same position as Bran? How would the rest of the Starks have responded? 

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Posted (edited)

Ned would have been sad (maybe really angry too).

Cat would have been torn, she would have been happy that he was gone (at least in the short-term), but if I’ve read her chapters right, she would have been startled and bothered by herself for feeling joy over such a terrible thing happening. She doesn’t really dislike Jon, just what Jon represents.

Robb would have been really really sad, and really angry.

Sansa would probably be a little sad, but mostly indifferent.

Arya would have been really really sad and really really angry.

Bran would have been really sad, and possibly try to investigate (most likely leading to a different result).

Rickon would be sad because all the others would also be sad.

Theon would have been really sad, and really really angry.

Tyrion would probably be a little sad too, his opinion on Jon at this point of time is kinda unclear.

Joffrey would act really shitty about it, but I doubt he would do the same things.

Everybody else would be indifferent for the most part, some bastard fell from a tower, and might or might not die, why should they care?

I originally wrote a lot more on how we wouldn’t be able to tell what the ramifications of changing such a monumental event would be. But I felt it was a little too spoilery and went too far from the question at hand.

Edited by Victar Pyke
Too much rambling, and improvements on grammar.

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