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Michael Leonardo

My post from 2017 possibly predicting Cerci becoming Night Queen

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I just finished watching the 2nd episode and noticed that at the very end when it showed the WhiteWalker army, there was no sign of the Night King or the Dragon? I believe that he's heading to Kings Landing

I have inserted a spoiler above so please read that if you've already seen Episode 2.


In 2017, I posted a theory that I will place below. In the shortened version. I theorized that the Night king would send an army to Winterfell, but only as a diversion in order to keep John snow busy whilst he went to Kings Landing and took the Iron Throne and Cersei as his Night Queen. This would make absolute tactical sense. Kings Landing has over 1 million inhabitants ( 1 million potential White Walkers ) far, far more than what he will lose to keep John Snow busy, and he will have taken a place that has a superior defensive cover. The Night King knows that John snow will have to come to him, which means the roles are reversed. It's not the Night King coming after John, it's the opposite and it's much more risky being on the attack than it is being defensive. Cersei also has her death prophecy which involves her 'Brother' Chocking her pale throat. Pale throat? White Walker throat? I think Jamie or Tyrion will end up having to kill Cersei because she's a White walker ( Or Night Queen ). Anyway. My full and detailed theory is below.

The spoiler in this theory involves a scene on Ep7 in SE07...

This Theory involves the possibility of Cersei becoming the Night Queen or at least a white walker.

As we saw Jamie leave at the end of the series, it showed him on his horse. I noticed that a snowflake landed on his fake hand. The Snowflake, in my opinion, represents what's coming ( the White Walkers/Night King ) Winter is finally here, but it's a bit of a coincidence that it gets to kings landings just as he leaves...

As we know, the hand he had chopped off was his dominant hand, his fighting hand, the hand that slayed a king. We know that he can no longer use it. To me, this really is a show of vulnerability. The Gold hand was also cast at kings landing, so has connections in regards to its place of creation. The snowflake landing on his gold hand represents the Night King and his army of the dead are marching towards Kings Landings. Again, the snowflake = White Walker/king, and landing on his gold hand = Connection to Kings Landing. The Vulnerability could also be interpreted as Jamie leaving Kings Landing. Which is a big loss for kings landing and will probably make them Vulnerable?

If the Night king was heading towards Kings Landing. It would be a big shock to the north ( and Jamie ) as they would have anticipated the Night King to come after John, I mean, Aegon.

However. I noticed that a few times in the last episode, they quoting about how many people live at kings landings ( 1 million ). I think that the night king knows this and he knows that Kings Landing is vulnerable now Cersei has distanced herself ( and now Jamie has left) and what better place to head to first than a Vulnerable place full of 1 million potential white walkers!!

This is where the main theory comes in and possibly Cersei's Prophecy from Maggy the Frog..... I will put a few theories with this as I see it going one of 3 ways.....

I believe that's exactly where the Night king is headed. I also believe that once he arrives, he will see the evil in Cersei and will probably turn her into the Night's Queen, or at least a white walker. As part of the prophecy, she could well give birth to ( The Little Monster ), a white walker baby... This wouldn't be her child, as every white walker baby becomes the property ( in a sense ) of the Night King. So this would still keep to the Prophecy of her only having 3 children.

This leads on to her death. As the Prophecy states "The valonqar ( Little Brother ) shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you". This sounds awful how you would describe a White Walkers Throat ( Your Pale Throat ) Certainly not the description of a living person throat. White Walkers are technically dead, but also alive in a way ( They move and listen to commands ) So let's say the Little Brother ( Tyron or Jamie ) Choke her to death. It might not be literate choking ( You can't choke a white walker ), but could easily mean killing her in another way.

This would fulfill the prophecy...

You could also argue that all white walkers are brothers and sisters, and the night king is the father. So you could say that the If Cersei's baby was turned into a walker baby either in the womb or once it's been birthed. It would then be the night king's child and if Cersei was turned into the night's queen/ Walker, sometimes into birth, the baby would now be her brother which subsequently led to her becoming a white walker ( Pale Throat ).

This is the first Theory I've written, and may not be the best, but it got me thinking. Do you agree with any of this? Let me know

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