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Jon is not Ice

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I have seen a lot of people over the last few years making the assumption that Jon is the "Ice" part of the song of Ice and Fire, and Dany is "Fire". I don't think either one is really true. But particularly the idea that Jon is Ice.

Jon is at the very least Ice AND Fire, not one or the other. He is balance between, not a force for one side. Ice is the North, taken to its extreme it is the NK. Fire is the South and East radiating out from Valyria - and Valyrian ways are what the Red Priests have been busy rebuilding. The alliance they made with team Dany is going to matter, and neither Tyrion nor Varys will much like the direction it takes.

Because Jon is balance, not one or the other, he will not marry one or the other. If Jon marries Dany for the sake of peace, it seems to me he will ALSO marry one of his sister-cousins for the sake of peace. But that is only if he marries anyone at all.

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