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Is Brienne Lying To Jaime? Part II

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Hi I wanted to reply to the topic “Is Brienne Lying To Jaime” which is now archived.. I hope it’s OK to open a second part to this thread to continue this conversation (



Brienne was killed by the dead Caitlin in A Feast For Crows.  She never found the girl.  When Brienne approaches Jaime in A Dance With Dragons, it seems she is luring him.  Jaime comments on how Brienne’s physical appearance has changed and it’s off.  This is because Brienne is DEAD.  I think she is luring Jaime into some kind of trap.  Maybe to kill him or.. I don’t know..

To take him to dead Caitlin or smt.. it ends on a cliffhanger.

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She is not dead yet. She had to choose either kill Jaime or she and her companions will die. She was hanged when she decided to kill Jaime.

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