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cersei wont be killed by jaime jaime and victarion as foils

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victarion is a foil To Jaime Lannister. They are both among the greatest warriors of the current generation, and command fearsome reputations as well as Names to Run Away from Really Fast. Both are deeply conflicted over their lovers’ alleged infidelity, stress over their place in Medieval society and how people perceive them, and undergo major personality changes after suffering a traumatic wound to their hands. Jaime is seen as dishonorable for slaying the Mad King ( as a kingsguard his oaths  (the law )  killing aerys goes against it ) , who was going to burn King’s Landing to the ground, whereas Victarion beat his own wife to death to secure his honor (”He says that as an Ironborn male he had to follow the law”) after his brother had his way with her and he is respected by his culture for doing so while victarion followed the law and killed his wife and his culture wouldnt see him as dishonorable for it  while if he broke the law and spared his wife his culture would see him as having stained honor.  jaime broke the law/oath to do something good and is seen as dishonorable for it . Jaime is cunning, witty and charming, while Victarion is conventional, dull and not too bright. Also, Jaime loses his hand and later resolves to be a better person* to  

 and , but when Victarion’s maimed hand is healed and changed by Moqorro, he becomes less honorable and duty-bound and more brutal and self-serving.


*(( before due to how he was treated as dishonorable jaime took on the let me be evil trope  “It’s no secret that Jaime thinks he’s a shithead. You’re treated like a bad guy by enough people for a long enough time, you’ll come to see yourself as a bad guy..“ its one  of the main reasons why he had became who he was at the start of the series and only had his family to turn to and actually be close to  etc as makerkenzie once stated in a post they made on the tumblr site or the cloaksoiledhim blog etc))

I think jaime and victarion being foils with each other will be showcased by jaime not being the one to kill cersei. this theory that jaime will be the one to kill cersei is partly inspired by the thought that the prophecy can only apply to her biological brothers jaime and tyrion even though  it says the valonqar not her valonqar  meaning it can be arya, victarion, or euron etc.  by claiming that if tyrion did it it would just prove her right in her mind ( it would be a self fullfilling prophecy) or claiming jaime killing her would be  the only thing thats meaningful to her as if there is a limit or bringing up cerseis similarities to aerys ( ignoring how the text also had compared loras with jaime


I have seen people claim that its impossible because cersei doesnt trust loras/tyrells ( ignoring that aerys didnt trust lannisters)  claiming it would be a repeat ( but every one of those theorys has jaime die with cersei bringing up cerseis line about them dying together as if cersei cant be wrong about more than one thing ( plus their connection started being cut off symbolically  when jaime lost his hand) and jaime cant live long  after cersei dies. jaime and cersei showcased their differences by how when they were put in danger cersei wanted jaime to come to her so that if she dies so will he  while jaime used cersei as motivation to live.  


not to mention trying to use jaimes justified anger and thoughts of hitting cersei as proof ignoring that you can want to hurt someone and imagine it without actually doing  it like has anyone here ever want I want to has anyone ever said while upset I am going to kill him 



When y’all argue that Jaime is the only option for Cersei’s killer because “the identity of the killer has to meaningful to Cersei” and Jaime is the only one who could be meaningful because he’s not the brother she suspects, what I’m hearing is:

1. All of Jaime’s arc is a giant red herring to cover up the fact that his greatest purpose in the narrative is as a plot device to go around killing shitty monarchs, and

2. He can’t possibly be more thematically important than that because Cersei thinks his existence revolves around her, and we all know,

3. The Valonqar has to be Jaime because he’s the more ironic choice of her two brothers, and

4. The Valonqar must be Cersei’s actual brother because otherwise Cersei would be wrong about something other than Tyrion being the pre-destined killer, and

5. Cersei being wrong about anything, especially her relationship with her twin, is a rare and momentous occasion and is clearly the most unexpected thing that will ever happen with her, 

5a. Because it’s not like Cersei was already telling herself Jaime would “never abandon her for such a creature” when he had absolutely burned Cersei’s letter and then run off with Brienne, no, not at all!

6. (All this is leaving aside the question of how much Cersei even trusts Jaime anymore as of the start of AFFC, the book in which Maggy’s Prophecy is first introduced and the book in which Cersei finally becomes a POV character)

7. The only interesting way that Cersei’s response to the prophecy could lead to the fulfillment of the prophecy is by her focusing on Tyrion instead of Jaime,

7a. Because it’s not like Cersei already had a death wish for Tyrion and an unhealthy attachment to Jaime long before she ever met Maggy the Frog.

8. And we know there’s no other possible way for the fulfillment of the prophecy to be meaningful to Cersei because we’ve already established Cersei cannot possibly be wrong about the Valonqar being her younger brother, therefore,

9. There’s no point in examining the linguistics in the Valonqar phrasing itself, because of course there’s nothing the least bit odd about someone using the Common Tongue absolutely perfectly for everything she needs to say except for a phrase which supposedly translates as “your younger brother.” 

10. And we know it’s totally normal and unremarkable for Maggy to say “…the Valonqar will wrap his hands around your pale white throat” when she would’ve had the same effect on Cersei by saying “…your little brother will wrap his hands around your pale white throat” because Cersei thinks that’s what she meant, and if Cersei thinks so, well…

11. Pay no attention to the end of Season 7! The circumstances in which Jaime left Cersei tell us absolutely nothing about his narrative role, just like his going AWOL with Brienne to help her rescue Sansa is just a brief distraction from his true destiny of one-handed strangling. 


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