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[Poll] How would you rate episode 803?


How would you rate episode 803?  

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1 minute ago, Neds Secret said:

will somebody please tell me exactly why Bran is "too Important"? what does he do, exactly? why did the NKJ want him? where did he go? if someone of these questions were answered it may have had the entire battle make more sense. yes, I did enjoy Arya killing him, but I still have no idea whatbanyn off ibis about. Dothraki were sacrificed, the battle plans were imbecilic, the lighting was terrible and I still have not idea what Bran is supposedly capable of . cest la Vie 

He's the 3-Eyed Raven. He has the power to see everything that has ever happened and everything currently happening. Are you telling me that he wouldn't be important to have around when at war?

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8 hours ago, FireWinds said:

Ok it's settling in now.. as they're playing it again on tv. 

4 or 5 out of 10.

Honestly I feel a bit let down by it all.. It lost it right after the dothraki charged and instantly got wiped out in seconds. But everyone else can survive for so long against a literal swarm of dead people. 

I'm also disappointed that Bran and the Night King had no interaction, no moving words, no meaning.. nothing. The dead has been looming and building for the entire show and left us with no deeper meaning at all. 

Dragon battle meh, again fell short, it was also very choppy. 

Not sure what the purpose of Bran "going away" warging into the crows, but didn't help at all was.  

John wondering around and also did nothing (how the hell did he manage to survive out there surrounded by newly resurrected zombies?)  

I could go on, many things were off. Very unrealistic, even for a zombie episode. A lot of the fan theory had much better ideas than the actual episode. 

But I'm happy that's over and they're all gone now and can continue with the story. I don't like zombie shows/movies. So looking forward to the more political side of the show. 

I was kinda glad that the Dothraki died so quickly. Not a big fan of their culture of attacking people and raping women.  However, was hoping to see some wight cavalry attacking Winterfell, which would have been cool.

I thought Bran went away to summon the NK...


13 minutes ago, cirah1712 said:

10/10. From a visual viewpoint, it was second to none, a masterclass in directing and cinematogrophy. It was so brutal in parts aswell. I can't believe Arya killed the Night King, but I'm happy it was her. Happy Bran survived, he's too important. Knew we would lose Theon, and that was pretty hard to watch. I think more characters that we know have died than we think, we just won't find out till the next episode. There are a few we didn't see after the battle ended so there fates are unknown at this point.

Is he though? Now that the NK is done, does he serve any real purpose? I guess we’ll see.

BTW, I wish they’d left Varys in KL to spy on Cersei. He has done nothing useful in the north.

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2 minutes ago, nara said:

I was kinda glad that the Dothraki died so quickly. Not a big fan of their culture of attacking people and raping women.  However, was hoping to see some wight cavalry attacking Winterfell, which would have been cool.

I thought Bran went away to summon the NK...


Is he though? Now that the NK is done, does he serve any real purpose? I guess we’ll see.

BTW, I wish they’d left Varys in KL to spy on Cersei. He has done nothing useful in the north.

Well yeah, there is still the inevitable war with Cersei to come, Bran would be invaluable for that, considering how unpredictable Cersei is.

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7 hours ago, darksellsword said:

I found the episode very enjoyable but after I sat down and thought about it for a while it felt very hollow on reflection. I know people have raised this issue with the show time and time again but there was so many ex machina moments that it never seemed as though anyone of note would die. D&D are on the record as saying they intentionally beefed up the female roles in the story because the fans had such a positive reaction to all the female empowerment on the show. I don't have a problem with that to an extent but I just have a horrible gut feeling that they rewrote Jon's part in the war against the night king  in the same way I sense they rewrote the battle of the bastards to make it seem as though he was incompetent and the battle was only won thanks to the intervention of Sansa. Azor Ahai (Jon) didn't wield lightbringer didn't bring the dawn but instead literally hid behind a wall while his little sister killed the Nightking, that is how bad it has become. I laughed at the scene where lyanna Mormont killed the giant, I highly doubt that will be in the books and if that isn't something George would write , ask yourselves what else is just designed for female empowerment fan fiction wish fullfilment. very entertaining predictable television tropes in the place of something that used to be groundbreaking.


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I knew that last week's episode would most likely be the highlight of the season, I just didn't expect D&D to drop the ball so completely, especially in terms of the White Walkers overall purpose throughout the entire show.

Sapochnik was similarly off his game; almost every battle shot was atrociously shot and edited. I can't believe something this subpar was deemed acceptable, let alone something to be enjoyed. The quick cuts were the worst I've ever seen. They make the Russos' action scenes look almost Spielbergian by comparison. I couldn't make heads or tails  of the geography, the goals of individual attack formations, who was attacking whom, which characters were dying... That was one of the biggest wastes of money and story potential maybe ever. Even Michael Bay does better.

There was no sense of dread, tension or horror. I felt nothing when certain characters were supposedly in danger, I wasn't shocked or awed by anything. The best parts of the episode were the CGI dragon battles, but even those were horrible choreographed and cut. My favorite shot was of the ice cyclones (I assume) the Night King created, but nothing ultimately came of them. There were so many other things he and the White Walkers could've done - I'm shocked they did absolutely nothing in the entire episode.

The less said about Arya, TPTWP, the better. There's nothing in her history that makes sense for her to be the one that ends The Long Night. On the show, her story has mostly been about her savagely killing people she didn't like, nothing to do with the White Walkers or The Great Other. It should've been Jon or Dany or Bran or Sam, someone that at minimum had some stake in the game and their actions on the show. 

What a waste.


3/10 (for some neat CGI).

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Arya the KINGSLAYER!  Dont think she will get much grief about that though.

Dolorous Edd still just cant get a break.

Generally a well done episode and Im glad they didnt cliffhanger it till next week with the NK and Bran staredown.  Just WTH did Bran go anyway?  He didnt seem to help. 

Theons timing was just right, not that it helped him.

Revenge of the cryptkeepers was a letdown and Walking Dead vibe in the library with Arya took away from that.  Should have just shown them chasing her.

Name of this episode should have been "You only live twice" (except for Benric) but I guess that was taken.

Disproven this episode:

"That which is dead cannot die"

"Only a fool meets the Dothraki in an open field"

Oh, another 8.  Just how do you rate an episode like this one?  Would have been a 9 but I feel a little letdown by the NK going in just one battle (that we see).  3 more episodes to win Kings Landing, dispose of Cersei, have the Clegane bowl and settle the Iron Throne.  Guess its just a time constraint.  Maybe George will clarify it in the books, HA!

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I was really torn with this one.

Although it was far too dark and far too foggy during many scenes, the visuals were truly great. Lots of effort. And many scenes, such as the Dothraki disappearing in the dark or Lyana Mormont's death, were greatly devised and executed. It would merit a ten from the technical perspective.

But, as usual of late, in terms of plot, realism or coherence, it failed again. Characters suddenly appearing and disappearing from places, unnamed extras dying by the thousands while nearly all the protagonists survive, too much characters surviving single-handedly endless hordes of zombies coming at them, too much cheap shocks and surprises without proper follow-on, the dragons being mostly useless, Ghost disappearing again, Arya jumping at the Night King from nowhere,...

At the end I gave it a 4. On the surface you have first-tier shots and flashes, but the inside is hollow. I wonder what would David and Dan have done if they had to finish the series with the budget they had in season 1...

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Gave it a 5 out of 10. But the rating doesn't matter much for me in this case.

I don't think it's really D&D's fault it's come to this. I think they've done a great job with the cliff notes they were left with. But sadly this just isn't the show I love anymore.

I liked that they built the tension to make it a very uncomfortable episode to watch (it should have been), but that can only take you so far. If you don't have the substance, the style will feel hollow, which is exactly what I was left feeling by the end of this episode.

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Where to begin.... The fact the Night King and this whole battle took place in the middle of the season and not the end is... well, it's a twist I guess. I can't believe Cersei, and the whole ~game of thrones~, is the true finale of this story. Idk... something tells me the Long Night is not over (or maybe it is and I'm giving these people too much credit). On the other hand, it makes sense since D&D hate magic.

All the leaks were more or less wrong and I'm glad. The Arya thing was surprising but I'm not disappointed at all. The problem wasn't with Arya, it's just that after all these seasons, this Night King storyline ended so anti-climactic. And I find Bran's role in this whole thing quite disappointing. Horrible, really.

And Ghost better not have died!

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9 hours ago, PirateVergo said:

I wished so badly for the Night King to say something, for Bran to reveal something as he was about to kill him, hell watching the episode I was even expecting some time-related fuckery or Bran to bring the Night King with him in a vision.

And Hardhome,Blackwater >>>>> Today's battle, that much is clear in my eyes. It's not even remotely close.

Yeah me too.

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I gave it a 4.  It was entertaining,  but also hollow and stupid and felt like a waste of eight seasons of buildup. 

Too many characters saved inexplicably when they appeared to be overrun on numerous occasions. Ghost with the Dothraki,  because...well,  hell,  I have no idea why.  Jon was almost useless in this episode.  That's OK,  because Jon has been mostly useless for a while now.  Bran serves no actual purpose.  Sansa's fan service match of the week with Tyrion (sorry Theon);  let me guess,  Sansa/Sandor next week?  No epic one on one fights with the NK or a WW.   And then there's Arya killing the Night King.  I'm actually fine with the fact that it was her,  but the flying leap from nowhere was nonsense. 

At this point,  I feel like the show has finally devolved into full fan service. 

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I gave it a 7.  The episode started really solid, granted I have no idea why they charged the dothraki right out the gate just suicide bombing themselves.  There was this extreme sense of doom but after a while it became apparent that it was a fluff.  They would cut scenes with like 50 wights bombarding 4 people, then it would come back to the same scene where everything has calmed down a bit somehow, god only knows how anyone would have survived it.  So the sense of peril was extremely inflated and became a bit off putting towards the end.

The Lyanna Mormont scene... I get that she is kindof a fan favorite, and I liked her in the beginning, but it becomes extremely redundant after a while and just farfetched for the sake of creating these "badass" characters.

Much more to say but I don't have all day.... Lastly there is Arya, a HUGE fan favorite, and honestly one of my favorite characters in the book who has now become one of my LEAST favorite in the show.  They have turned this girl into the ultimate mary sue that it has become hard to watch.  Every scene they are trying SO hard to make her into this badass take no shit type of character, constantly having this smug look on her face.  It is very much in line with the earlier quote by Tywin, any man that must say I am king, is no true king.  They are handling Arya in that manner, every action, expression and phrase is trying so hard to be badass, that for me, it just comes of hamfisted and corny.

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10! What an incredible episode! It may even beat out Winds of Winter as my favorite. My highlights:

Arya killing the Night King!

The deaths of Theon, Edd, Jorah, Beric, Lyanna, and Melisandre were all well earned 

Jon, Danerys, and Night King aerial battle 

Arya and Melisandre 

Arya, Beric, the Hound

The Dothraki opening charge

Jon vs. Ice Viserion 

The music 

Sansa and Tyrion 

Bran and Theon

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7 minutes ago, Bud RR Martin said:


The episode was 'edge of the seat' while watching, but it fell apart when I turned my brain back on.  Killing what should have been the primary antagonist in a single episode was a tremendous let down.   Cersei and the elephant-less Golden Company don't appeal to me.

The Night King wasn’t defeated in a single episode. He has been in every season since season 4, and besides last night, has played a role in 4 big White Walker sequences.

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The music was good and the beginning scenes with Mel lighting the Dorthraki swords and the far away shot of them charging, really good stuff. The episode started off so strong. Then went downhill fast. This was by far the worst battle sequence they have done, not the worst episode (there have been other more pointless ones) but there was so much hype for this, and it fell flat hard. I will save the rest of my ranting for the appropriate section.

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I gave a 8/10 for E3, a 10/10 for E2 and a 5-7/10 for E1.


+ perfect death scene for Jorah Mormont. Dying a knight, dying for his love, dying really fighting and protecting her.  What a nice arc and closure.

+ perfect death scene for Lyanna Mormont. Initially a one-scene character, the great actress was so good DD made same fan service with several scenes and the death scene is pure honor: Only a few seconds, but ferociously killing a giant wight, that's great.

+ Arya killing the Night King with the "change the hand" dagger move from the sparring with Brienne, no absurd combat, but simply stabbing him. Well done.

+ Less main characters dead than we were all afraid of. Some bittersweet deaths, those finely done, otherwise all important characters survive. I like that quite a lot.


+ Some scenes could have been more emotional, e.g. Arya/Bran ending scene is quite cold. 

+ Some of the dragon scenes were not so full of tension and not so perfectly CGIed as I would have liked them to be. Some of them were great, though, like ice dragon against Jon Snow near the end. 

+ The crypts scenes were quite boring. The corpses breaking through stone unrealistic (considering the wight in the dragon pit staying in his wooden box), overall no losses there, no real action here, Tyrion just parked, Sansa passive.


Many survive. I had all bets against Grey Worm and Missandei. We will see more details in E4. Still not sure about Grey Worm, though.


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10 hours ago, LucyMormont said:

 I couldn't see s**t.

yeah, this was too dark for my eyesight. I had to turn on Audio Description for Game of Thrones a few years ago and been using it since. Scenes in the House of Black & White along with most castle by candlelight scenes are just too dark for me.

As for this episode I did enjoy it but there weren't too many stand-out moments though. I think Battle of the Blackwater was better.

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