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[Poll] How would you rate episode 803?


How would you rate episode 803?  

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The Long Night Episode was the best episode of the entire series.  It is clearly better than battle of the bastards.  The reason for that is simply that the Long Night was not only a Battle film but also, it was a horror film.  It had you on the edge of your seat the whole time.  The only time you had to breathe was when Melissandre lit the trenches with fire and when Arya Stark killed the Night King.


Yes, when the battle for winterfell began with Jon vs Ramsay, you were also on the edge of your seat.  So,  what is the main reason why I chose the Long Night over Battle of the Bastards?  The answer is that the Battle of the Bastards was only 37 minutes of stress.  The Long Night on the other hand was 94 minutes of pure terror. From beginning to end.  All of it.


The youtube reactions of The Long Night episode are PRICELESS.  You've seen Grown Men and Women going through a rollercoaster of emotions watching that episode.  You see both Men and Women Cheering when Melissandre lights up the Dothraki swords.  You then see the same Men and Women literally crying when Theon charges the Night King before he is killed. You finally see the same Teary eyed Men and Women scream for joy when Arya Stark plunges the valyrian blade into the heart of the Night King.


The Long Night episode is the best episode of the entire series.



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