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Gianna Dorenberg

[Beware- SPOILERS] Regarding Jon Snow

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Isn't Naath the most deadly place to live in the books for strangers because of some insecets. Jon did bring north men and wildlings together as an army against the boltons . Sans a didn't tell Jon about the vale. Jon s battle plan been very different. Jon meeting versus could be a distraction for dan i go get urine s fleet.

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On 5/11/2019 at 6:34 AM, ummester said:

This  most interests me - Jon 'finally sees Arya' after Jaime and Cersei die.

What does finally sees mean? Is she the waif? I hope she is the skeletor looking freak with the worms in its eyes from book 4.  After the pathetic long night I really need my dark fantasy/fantasy horror needs sated.

Will probably be something lame though.

Maybe she pulls her night king killer move and flies through the air, out of nowhere, and Jon finally sees her, before she sticks Dany with the point end of Needle... ?

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