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[Spoilers] Episode 804 Discussion

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18 minutes ago, MinscS2 said:

It's a moment so big (read: dumb) that it will forever have redefined what warfare means after this point, and makes all warfare made before this point seem silly and trite. It's a deux ex machina that basically ruins everything we thought we knew about that universe.

Except they'll have zero effectiveness 'cos our boys have made an even bigger quantum leap in defence  ^_^

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I think there’s a false sense of security developing for Cersei. The Scorpions are all well and good, but useless in close range and 90 degree angles. If the show manages to address the painfully obvious battle tactic of Drogon attacking from above, the scorpions are rendered useless. Not to mention Sansa’s genius albeit unaware genius, to tell people of Jon’s true identity, it’s almost certainly set up the golden companies breaking of their contract. Cersei’s over reliance on their house motto will be her undoing. 

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Rewatched the very last scene, to me when Tyrion was telling Cersei to step down for her unborn child, she was remembering the prophecy that she heard from Maggy the Frog.  She knows that her baby is fated to die, and she has had to deal with the child’s fate ever since she found out she was pregnant.  When you watch any Cersei scene since she found out she was pregnant, it sheds a whole new light on things.  She will fight tooth and nail to make sure the prophecy is false, but if it’s not, she has nothing left to lose.

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