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Is Young Griffs invasion filler?

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12 hours ago, The Hoare said:

Yes, he was lying about the tyroshi mother. It was just a excuse to explain the blue hair


Yep, reached that line in the books as well, thank you :)

Another thing I noticed in the JonCon POV-Chapter is that he says Aegon is a lad of 18. Is this consistent with the timeline? 

When the dead bodies of Rhaegar's children were laid down, if I remember correctly, Aegon was described as a 'baby', which I would consider a child of max 1 year. According to Robert and Ned, Robert's rebellion took place 15 years ago. Since Robert's and Ned's death round about a year has passed.

Shouldn't Aegon be maximally 17? Or am I too strict on the whole age thing?

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Griff is the right age.  Judging age based on appearance is not precise.  Boys develop at different rates.

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