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3 hours ago, GeorgeIAF said:

Maybe i’m wrong but from what i remember from the books all that Dany really wants is a family and someone to love and who loves her back, taking the Seventh Kingdoms wasn’t her main drive. 



She lost that trait somewhere along the way. In Episode 1 it appeared she wanted to spend a 1000 years with Jon near that waterfall. Once she learned he was a Targ then she became jealous of him. She feels he is a threat to what she really wants and loves.....the Iron Throne.

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4 hours ago, tallTale said:

Sure, if he truly wanted it, but the realm will go to whoever has the stronger army since they both have a claim.

So, basically, all is fair. Dany usurped Jon, Sansa usurped Dany to name Jon a King. I would say they all do what they believe in.

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