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Fate and Thrones and Promises

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Tyrion and Varys (a.k.a. the Imp and the Spider, a.k.a. the Bad Plan Hand and the Unsly Spy) wax philosophically as foreplay for treason talk. In the throne room of all places. In full voice. Without fear of being overhead. 

They talk Danny's egg bake. Her belief in herself. Whether such a thing as her being meant to sit the throne is possible, or if so far her success has been a matter of self-fulfilling prophecy. They also talk of Jon, but for some reason omit his having RISEN FROM THE DEAD. Which might be as impressive as Danny hatching dragons, if not for Beric's multiple revivals. 

I bring this up because it's apparently common knowledge now that Jon was dead at one point. His buddies compliment him on it in the middle of court. Yet Tyrion and Varys fail to bring it up. Unless they're less competent than I thought (scarcely possible) and were not as well-inforned as Tormund Briennesbane, this is an oversight. 

We must think the return of dragons and the increase in magical ability along with the White Walkers waking up is not a coincidence. So Danny had some purpose. And though that prince who was promised thing has been made incomprehensible if still applicable, if Beric was brought back for a reason Jon probably was too. 

Howcome more people aren't talking about this? Entire new religions could be founded in these two. 

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