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on jaime and the situation with tysha

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This is an occasional reminder that Tywin Lannister was the sort of father who could make one son lie to the other ab out his wife, and make the other son participate in a gang rape.

This is also an occasional reminder that when Jaime lied to Tyrion, he did not know Tywin was planning to have Tysha gang-raped and order Tyrion to participate. 

This is an occasional reminder that Jaime didn’t know about the rape and still feels guilty, years later, for lying to Tyrion about his marriage.

If Tyrion was a victim of his father’s depravities, then Jaime wasn’t an accomplice.

the claim that jaime should pay for what happened with tysha is bs. have they forgotten that if tywin could make tyrion participate in it he could get jaime to lie to tyrion about paying for tysha. ( and jaime didnt know about what tywin would have happen to her) 

( I would like to make some references to the show and claims I have seen people made in regards to this situation and some claims I have seen people make about it 

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