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Wildling Queen

Dragon Eggs in Winterfell

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I didn't find this topic elsewhere, but if it exists, I apologize.

I'm just finishing Fire & Blood and I think this a second mention, the first being (I'm almost sure I read it there) in A World of Ice and Fire, of dragon eggs in the crypts in Winterfell. Did anyone else notice if there are two mentions of this? If so, that seems pretty significant.

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I am wondering why GRRM wastes half a page of Bran’s final chapter in ACoK on the description of Winterfell’s First Keep that was destroyed by the fire. He even describes the privy that can now be seen from the outside because the walls are missing. Aren’t there other things to worry about? Like all the people you used to grow up with that are probably dead now? Or Master Luwin slowly dying in the godswood??

Then I combined the information:

Large Serpent (the thing that Summer sees in the sky) + toilet = Harry Potter & TCoS

Only conclusion possible: Winterfell must have a secret underground chamber in which somebody hid a giant serpent (i.e. dragon) that now broke free. The first keep was the entrance- therefore it was abandoned.

only question that remains: who is the heir that can control it.... and who are it’s enemies?

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