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Watch, Watched, Watching: Getting Sneaky

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4 hours ago, Heartofice said:

Having tried to watch Stranger Things directly after Dark I can say its a tricky thing to attempt. Dark requires so much concentration, something I will gladly give it, and is intelligent and well crafted Sci Fi. Stranger Things by comparison feels like Dark for morons when viewed together. I could barely get through the first episode of S3 of  ST because it seemed so bubblegum and lightweight. I'm still struggling, although I'm of the opinion that Stranger Things really isn't all that great anyway. 

I've also never seen Neon Genesis Evangelion, but since spotting it on Netflix its really caught my interest.

I'm finding the same. It's not that stranger things is bad (although 3 episodes in and it's still feeling more like a soap/drama) but it makes for a harsh comparison. It reminds me of how i was underwhelmed by season 1 of breaking bad, solely because i started watching it after finishing "the wire"

Spider-man far from home was solid superhero entertainment and thankfully more spider-man than MCU game changer.

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