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[Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion


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4 minutes ago, Cas Stark said:

No it was never in the show, but having the ceiling fall on them as they embraced was underwhelming.  They're not Romeo and Juliet.  She is a POS who if anyone deserved to be burned alive it was Cersei.

LOL  I was calling for Dany to get to that damn window, even before she went whack, and bit after, LOL 

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3 minutes ago, Ilissa said:

Absolutely disagree. If you execute enemies who did not agree to surrender, this does not mean that you will destroy the city that surrender.

She burnt them alive, when sending them to the Wall was on the table. Me and my friends often talk about how that was f'd up.

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1 hour ago, Raksha 2014 said:

Daenerys will count Tyrion's releasing Jaime as treason.

Maybe but she has to catch him. And she may not even know Jamie is released. 

1 hour ago, Lady Lovisa said:

Does this mean that both brothers will die? Jaime by fire, Tyrion by execution.

I think Tyrion has other plans.

1 hour ago, Raksha 2014 said:

Why the heck didn't Dany toast the Iron Fleet like this last time - might have saved Rhaegal?

Because they were caught offguard. The scorpions were deadly as a surprise. Not deadly when their locations are known in advance.

1 hour ago, CrypticWeirwood said:

She's deliberately burning the townspeople after the surrender bells.

Jon sees it all for what it is.

Exactly. Jon is going to turn...

1 hour ago, The Bear said:

Arya survived worse than what Jaime got. I kind of wish Jaime would kill Eurion in the books.

Show Euron is clearly a composite of multiple book characters. 

16 minutes ago, greel said:

I guess all the good scorpion sharp shooters that hit the dragon last week stayed home for this battle...  Were they even used from the wall or just decoration?

The scorpions only worked as a surprise weapon and Drogon was bigger than the other two in any case. It was only the first shot that was deadly.

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3 minutes ago, petahertz said:

I love when I watch an episode that leaves me stunned and thinking that was the greatest TV episode in history of television, and then I come here and read all the comments about what rubbish it was. :) 

This is why I have stopped visiting the forums of in the last 2 seasons.

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8 minutes ago, Jamie Lannister said:

Was the valonqar even on the table here? I thought the Maggy vision omitted it in the show.

You're right though. Jaime ultimately had no character development, he didn't change or grow as a person at all. It was just a character examination. We see that he's not quite as bad as he first seems, but is ultimately the exact same man he was in S1E1.

I'm so torn. It's awful, but I kind of buy it for the show. They made Jaime so much more detestable and Cersei so much nicer that it almost makes sense for these two characters. But it's not at all what I want or expect from the books. 

Tv. Jaime deserves his own thread.

You are right. Valonqar was never mentioned. I am also torn. NCW gave a magnificent performance but his character was so inconsistent. For me the problem was not Cersei being nicer than Jaime, the problem is that following his release from Harrenhal he literally chose to move away from his sis. We never even got a hint of that from the show.

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After the pathetic strategery fails last week, it looks like Team Dany finally figured out what the frak to do with their dragons. Taking the city was well done...right up until the city surrendered. 

Then, well, then we get a breach of the same magnitude as breaking guest-right at the Red Wedding - attacking  men who'd thrown their swords down and surrendered. (Attacking common folk isn't a breach of the same nature in Westeros [they're lives to throw away, from the perspective of the nobility], but for the viewers it functions the same way.) Team Dany is anointing themselves with dishonorable conduct, while Queen Dany herself seems to be going full Mad King Aerys with her burning of everyone in sight. (Jon's not much better; he verrrry belatedly calls off his men, but he's complicit in this.) 

Also, I'm holding Dany's utter failure to target Cersei against her. It's quite possible that it was hard for her to see, from dragonback, where Cersei's standing, but C's clear view of the city and the battlegrounds certainly made it seem like she ought to be relatively easy to pick off. Going for the common folks fleeing before going for the Red Keep is a pretty poor decision, but I guess she had already made her choice - fear, not love.

I wonder if D&D, in their typically ham-handed fashion, want to make Jon vs. Dany into a nurture vs. nature issue - no madness for the Targ reared as a Stark, madness for the one who's always known who she is. It doesn't really work, but I was watching Jon while everyone else is murdering men who surrendered and thought "he's the only honorable man left in Westeros." He's not - he's complicit in this as I said above - but I think it's what they want us to think, and the parallel to Ned is so very, um, stark... 

At least Qyburn got what was coming to him, and Sandor finally got a real thank-you. (And decided killing Gregor was more important than avoiding fire.) 

Right up until the moment she got onto her Equus Ex Machina I was pulling for Arya to spend the next episode trying to kill herself a queen - not Cersei anymore, but Dany, who's responsible for all the death & destruction she sees around her. SPOILERS (next ep preview) -


I think we might still get Arya dealing out that death in the last episode. 


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