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[Poll] How would you rate episode 805?


How would you rate episode 805?   

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7 hours ago, hallam said:

Danny could have let the civilians leave the city and take the golden company prisoner. She might need some more soldiers and they are sellswords after all.

She didn't want the surrender, she wanted to burn the city. And as a result she is going to find the city impossible to govern.

Only half? Is there anyone left alive at this point? Apart from Danny, there really isn't any villain left.

Jon doesn't want the throne but is it now clear that he can't let Danny keep it. So Danny is going to die at either Jon's hand or Arya's.

Of course the problem with Jon killing Danny is that he was only sent back by the Red God for a purpose and his time will be up once that purpose is complete. So Jon will die as soon as Danny is dead.

Arya is the last one I want dead. She has got to go. 

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My score? I started with 8, but kept going down until I ended up with 5.

So .... what did I like ...

The visuals were like awesome and that fire looked so cool. Sorry, thinking about it makes me talk like that. And unlike ep. 3, I could see it! Yay?

Several touching moments:
Jaime and Tyrion's tender moment where T tells J that he was all he had during their childhood.

Jaime and Cersei, everyone's favourite incest couple did have a touching final scene -- say what you will about Jaime's arc not amounting to much. (He should have left Brienne to Tormund.) The actors acted the blazes out of it.

Sandor/Arya. Now I did want to tell the Hound "She already *has* ended up like you -- WORSE than you." But one just has to forget about the Freyssacre and Frey pies. The writers have. But the scene was very moving, and I like these two together.

Arya with the smallfolk. Yes, one has to forget Psycho Arya. But it's good to get the view from the ground, and Arya has always been fond of the smallfolk. And the horse was cute, though how it survived Heaven knows.

What else? The music was excellent, as always.

Weirdly, I liked Qyburn. At least he's loyal.

What was I mheh about? Cleganebowl. I expected it (who didn't), and it was maybe a tad underwhelming. But hey.

What do I hate? Dany. Let me count the ways:

1. No real foreshadowing in the show, and precious little in the books. Yes, Varys was concerned about it last episode; but I can only assume that's because he (or his little birds) had filched a copy of the next episode's screenplay. She hadn't done anything nutters up to this episode.

Also, where she *was* ruthless in the past, it was always against the powerful, slaveowners and the like. I can't recall any exceptions in the show (and only one exception in the books).

Now, is GRRM going this route? If so, I would hope he at least prepares it better.

Something of this *might* have been salvaged, if D had aimed first at the Red Keep and then had some collateral damage. The fact that she blitzes the civilian population for several minutes bfore remembering to hit the RK doesn't even make mad sense to me.

2. The message or meaning. It appears that both female claimants are psychopathic mass murderers. So the chap in the 16th century who condemned the Monstrous Regiment [Rule] of Women was perhaps right? (There's still Sansa, who hitherto has at worst been peulant and petty. Oh yeah, even she fed Ramsay to dogs.)

Further, Cersei is actually the *less* psychopathic of the two. So it's the one who previously actually wanted to do something to *improve* things for the commons who ends up killing them.

Luckily, we have a decent *man* to take over the throne now. It's true that he's been incompetent and ineffectual for most of the last few seasons; but at least he's not psychopathic. So clearly the least bad choice.

(Is anyone left who isn't either evil or stupid?)

Possible defences:
"It's a twist!"

Well, perhaps. Twists are not ipso facto good, though.

"GRRM is dark and grim and probably has something similar."
GRRM may plan something siilar, but I hope he handles it a bit better at least in terms of plausibility. Supposedly, though, he's going for "bittersweet", yes? This isn't bittersweet, as far as I'm concerned.

"You're a Dany fan nyah nyah nyah."
This whole flame thing between fans of different characters has always seemed a bit silly. I like Dany *and* Sansa *and* Stannis and even (certainly in the books) Jon. But there's always been a reason for being a Dany fan: she alone has freed the slaves. The new Dany would have burnt the slaves and left the Masters for last.

Can this be salvaged? Dunno. It seems that Dany as a show-character has been irremediably ruined. It's possible that she could come to her senses (as suddenly as she lost them) next season, and try to be a good ruler (and by the end of last episode everyone forgets the mass burning as they've already forgotten the Freyssacre and the Sept). I'm not sure I'd call that salvaging.

Or perhaps she comes to her senses and realises she's unfit to rule, and voluntarily gives up the throne to the nice if a little slow white chap, Jon.

Or perhaps she dies in childbirth as some think, giving birth to a little pyromaniac baby.

Or maybe Jon kills her tragically, and she's Nyssa Nyssa! Yay?

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12 hours ago, Ser Yorick Ampersand said:

Sure buddy. It all makes perfect sense. Let's all pretend and it will be fine.

jaime rapes his sister, threatens babies and constantly only thinks about one person but hey ok lets pretend as you suggest.


Dany burns POWS alive, cant sustain proper leadership whenever she conquers a city, gets really angry at anyone who doesnt side with her, burns more people alive because she loves her destruction toys, and comes to westeros wondering why these people who are not slavers like those in essos, would not take kindly to a conqueror who is bringing said dragons, an army well known for raping, pillaging and enslaving...and the other cold blooded assassins. Lets pretend some more. yeah. cool.

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The only thing I didnt quite care for was cleganebowl. I dont get why Sandor bothered. He was abused by his brother when they were younger, and he essentially got killed by his bro in the fight. I mean, he sacrificed his life to fight a guy who was already pretty much dead and couldnt feel any pain. What does Sandor gain from this or even get out of it??? 

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3 hours ago, fairwarging said:

He has proven himself as a great leader, but no more.

Talking about Jon here: did he ever prove himself a great leader though?

He was always a good, honourable man, and gained the trust and devotion of a few close friends.

He never had the majority of the Nights' Watch with him and got done in by them.

As 'King In The North', the only reason he had the majority of the North behind him (and a number of clans were not) is because of his bloodline (as was believed) and the alternatives all being dead, and even then the Northmen needed convincing by Sansa and a pre-teen sweetie, the Little Bear.

His 'leadership' in the Battle of the Bastards involved his emotions getting the better of him and totally screwing up the battle plan, and then being stuck in the midst of the melee from which he couldn't command.

As we just saw in the sack of Kings Landing, even now he can't control his men.

I don't think he's ever been a strong and effective leader, and he doesn't even want to be.

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53 minutes ago, of man and wolf said:

What does Sandor gain from this or even get out of it??? 

An entire lifetime of being eaten up by injustice, with his face and people's reaction to it being a constant reminder. You have to understand the force of the desire for revenge played in ancient and medieval cultures.

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On retrospect, I think the city fry was strategic, as she only has one card to play now, fear. The north looks to Jon, and she has wanted the throne because it was hers, not because she had any noble desire to change anything in the seven kingdoms. Her efforts to free slaves was noble, but there were only slaves across the sea. In Kings landing there was only a wicked queen and a wicked city and she needed to demonstrate serious power and cause immense fear to her way of thinking in order to hold her throne over the land that lookded more to her rivals than to her. So, I don't think it was so much going off her rocker as a cold decision that she fuled with her anger of the moment to pull off to solidify what she hoped to do given the shifting of power that was going on after Jons heritage hit the fan.

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On 5/12/2019 at 10:46 PM, Frey family reunion said:

o get into, was the whole Volonquar thing.  I guess that Jaime did have his hands somewhat close to Cersei’s neck as the ceiling caved in.  :dunno:

Quibble.  The show did not get into the Valonqar thing.  Maggie's prophesy in the show stopped short of that line.

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4 hours ago, Count Balerion said:

Also, where she *was* ruthless in the past, it was always against the powerful, slaveowners and the like. I can't recall any exceptions in the show (and only one exception in the books).

Now, is GRRM going this route? If so, I would hope he at least prepares it better.

She was going to burn the cities of the slaveowners (Astapor, Yunkai, New Ghis, Volantis?) to ash in S6.  Which would kill all kinds of innocents.  Tyrion managed to talk her out of that one.

She also considered to attacking KL with her dragons at least twice before.  Tyrion talked her out of one, Jon the 2nd.

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I gave it an 8.

Clearly there is an issue with Dany's mental state turnaround in the show. She lost it far too quickly seemingly, but that is an issue created before this episode rather than inside of it so I'm not marking the episode down too much because of it it.

If I ignore that issue then everything else was really good and very well executed. Visually stunning for a tv show and I was gripped. Everyones endings felt satisfying enough for me, I didn't need any more than that.

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1 only because can't rate with 0. same for all episoded of this season and the previous one.. Without books they can't just write anything but high school drama contents.. I have the feeling that the book release date will be announced after the end of this crap, he couldn't do it before for contract obligations..

Cersei going like that made me really sad, even more than the NK defeat..


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On 5/13/2019 at 4:23 AM, Anthony Pirtle said:

It was pretty obvious from before the credits rolled which direction this was going to go, huh? Tonight's episode was a compellingly horrifying spectacle that resolved the fates of several major characters and cemented the fates of others, and I would have really appreciated it more had Dany's decision to murder the entire city of King's Landing after they surrendered to her made a lick of sense, given her behavior during the first 70 episodes. I said that, barring some ridiculously out-of-character turn from Daenerys, calling her The Mad Queen would be terribly unfair. Well, mission accomplished.

Was the Night King the big baddie? Nope. Cersei? Nope. It was Daenerys all along, I guess. So how do you rate an episode that is so well shot, so well directed, so well performed, and which intentionally assassinates a main character's character? I have no idea.

Edit: What the hell, I'm giving it an 8. 

I gave it a 10 for the exact same reasons. One moment of unbridled emotion and rage just undid an entire life's work of liberation and conquest.

Ice tried and failed (Night King)

Fire tried and failed (Daenerys)

Now it's finally Jon's turn. Now the continent is finally ready to accept the true heir to the Iron Throne, who, incidentally is also the best suited to sit on it if it wasn't melted in that nuke fest.

I can't wait until next week's finale! I bet one of the first laws Jon passes is that incest is forbidden, even for Targaryens.

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As someone who would rate most of season 7 no higher than a 4, I think its crazy to say this episode was terrible or a 1. The show has plumbed the depths of crappiness before, but this wasn't one of those moments.

Being angry that your favourite characters didn't get the ending they deserved is not the same thing as criticism. Even if Danys turn to the dark side was rushed and you wanted more from Cercei at the end, this is very far from the incompetence of the Sand Snakes or Dany's 5 minute trip up to the wall on her dragon. 

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The visuals were great as usual. The actors were marvelous, as usual.

But they didn't touch me any more. I didn't feel it. Since ep 3 I don't believe anything any more. I keep watching for "scientific" reasons, just to know how they do it. But I'm no longer emotionally involved.

I don´t want the writers to hide behind the great efforts and skills of crew and cast.

That's why I voted "1".

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20 hours ago, Kajjo said:

Wow, I gave this episode a 10/10. So well done. So very many worthwhile scenes. I am suprised people downvote the episode just because their favorite character loses it.

  • The Sandor/Arya scene was so perfect. Both arcs had an important turning point. 
  • The fire scenes were well done. Visuals are stunning!
  • Seeing the enormous suffering through the eyes of the escaping Arya was well done, too. It is difficult to show real suffering and they succeeded. They made the war not any heroic issue, but focused on the suffering of common people. Well done.
  • Daenerys lost friends, advisers, dragons, lovers, suffered multiple betrayals and then she snaps. So much foreshadowing for this. So believable and expected. Carried out well, also well-performed by the actress.
  • Varys betrayal and death scene short and well done.

In summary, a really great episode. It is unfair to downvote an episode that is well done, just because you don't like the storyline of GRRM.




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20 hours ago, Kajjo said:

In summary, a really great episode. It is unfair to downvote an episode that is well done, just because you don't like the storyline of GRRM.

I don't think GRRM will follow this same storyline, i hope at least.. This is just the show writers modified and distorted storyline

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