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[Poll] How would you rate episode 805?


How would you rate episode 805?   

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That was bad.  I'm actually stunned by how bad that was.

VFX and music and performances were good, as always, but the direction was poor and the pacing was truly appalling.   I was forever adjusting the volume because what little dialogue there was was barely audible.  I dare say the actors were embarrassed by it as the writing was abject rubbish.

I scored it 2.  I'm off to the Rant thread now.  I may be some time.

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It's hard for me to rate it. 

The acting was amazing, as always. The shots and scenes were again amazing but the writing is completely messy. Not just in this episode but in the whole season. I hate how they're rushing to finish it quickly. 

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I gave it 4/10.... Some bits looked nice and how Tyrion and Jaime got emotional saying goodbye (not the how and whys of the scene... that made me roll my eye a few times) but I could feel their emotions and it was touching when they hugged. 

The rest just felt forced and made no logical sense.


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5 hours ago, of man and wolf said:

yea he came a long way.....he raped cersei next to their sons dead body. He threatened to kill edmure's baby. He clearly stated time and again that he's not a good person but for some reason you guys keep wanting to believe otherwise.

I never said he was a good person I said he has come a long way. Do you disagree that he has been changing for the better? 

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This should have been a 10/10 episode.

The cinematography I thought was well done (for the most part). The musical scores were good. The acting was good. And, the greatest event that should have ever happened on TV happened with Cleganebowl.

Also, we all knew Dany was going to go mad and do this... so it's hard to be too upset and disappointed with a move that was telegraphed that far ahead.

My issues were the GC were a big nothing.

Apparently Euron's fleet was nothing as long as your back is to the sun.

Castle walls are a bit nothing (which maybe, I don't know.)

Arya still can't die. The girl has been stabbed multiple times, jumped off buildings, burned or very close to burned by dragon fire, had buildings fall on her, it's just stupid.

Dany going mad because when she saw the red keep it "made it personal" so she slaughtered all these innocent people? Come on. That's dumb logic.

Northmen suddenly just slaying innocent people...

Cersei dying in the arms of Jamie from a tower... I feel like we all got short changed on that one. But they love Lena so they wanted to give her the best death they could think of.

Oh, and by the way, Jamie is half Arya apparently, being able to get stabbed multiple times and walk it off.

Why did Euron care so much that he was the man who killed Jamie, seemed weird.

Cleganebowl is the one thing they could have done to really save their bacon and it was alright. Maybe it is because I built up too much hype in my head. But the cuts from that and Arya were annoying. Just stick with one. But it was a fitting end for the two I guess.


So long story short, most of it was pretty predictable, Dany going mad, which I do think will happen in the books was VERY poorly executed in the show. My group could not agree on why she went mad during the episode and even during the Inside the Episode, none of us knew what, "made it personal" really meant for her as a character.

I give it a 3/10. Really a 2.5 but I round up for Cleganebowl.

Edit: Also, when did Tyrion become such a self sacrificing character? I get wanting to save Jamie, even Cersei, but all of KL. Didn't he just have a scene 4 years ago about wanting to watch them all burn? What changed? It seemed kinda abrupt...

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5 hours ago, Jabar of House Titan said:

How can any sensible person think that the show and the books are going to have the same ending?

Maybe because GRRM has said this himself, no?

Although, I understand that you do not want Dany be bad in the books (I presume, she is your favourite), but in the books she is going this way too. I wasn't even surprised by what she did in this episode. I hope somebody kills Grey Worm too. 

From Dany's behaviour in the episode, I presume Jon won't be in favour anymore. I think that she has already decided what to do with him, Sansa and all of them and she didn't tell Tyrion a thing.

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Best episode this season. 8/10.

Major issues I had

I though the Dothraki were supposed to be extinct?

Jon and Arya's escape the burning city plot armor was a bit naff - one of them should have burned to a crisp. Probably Arya, I'm totally over her - have been since season 5 - would have been nice to see her get barbecued this episode. D&D obviously think Arya is untouchable though, so she will probably survive everything.

Not enough time was spent explaining why Dany fully spat the dummy - I kind of got it and almost felt sorry for her. I mean I get why she hated them all, after sacrificing so much for the Westerosi ingrates and I understood her doing the first pass after the bells rang but not why she kept going and going - perhaps the Targ madness took her. Regardless, it made for some spectacular fantasy imagery as a whole city crumbled around a dragon.

Clegane bowl was cheesy as fuck but still manged to be fun.

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I left last weeks episode feeling hollow and a little sick to my stomach but this week I am just angry.

Apparently all storytelling, rhyme and reason has gone out the window for rank spectacle.

I am now afraid to purchase the last/next book for fear it ends the same way.  I guess even if it does the trip there will be more worthwhile.

So many things to rant about, Lord Varys, Jaime and Cerceis death, the ease with which the Navy and castle fortifications are taken out, destruction of a conquered city, Clegainbowl, never ending amounts of dragonfire (magic I suppose).  BTW, didnt they reuse the footage of Darth Vader unmasked for Gregor? 

No problem with Danny finally showing her true colors.  Driven mad?  I dont think so, just a temper tantrum.  My way or else revenge.  Destroying the Red Keep I understand and a better death for Cercei and Gregor but the rest of the city?  Never liked her in the book or Emelia Clarks interpretation of her but now they have blended. 

Prophesy be damned and GRRM let this go by?  Maybe Cercei survived the building falling on her.

"The Bells?" Should have been called "Death Knell".

"Im the man who killed Jaimie Lannister!"  Who is gonna know?

Giving this one the lowest Ive ever given, 10 for the production and zero for the story averaging out to a 5. 

"If You Think This Has A Happy Ending, You Haven't Been Paying Attention."   Didnt think this meant that it would be the audience that would be the ones unhappy.

Didt think I would ever say it but I glad there is only one more episode.

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Varys was right! You don't go thinking trogdor wants to do anything except burninate the people and the COTTAGES!!!! He had it wrong about jon but...NO-ONE will want a targaryan now surely :/

Plus Jon was a dumbass AGAIN like Tyrion AGAIN. My lord, so many foreshadowings...meereen crucifixions, burning slave bay cities, burning dothraki, watching her brother be killed by the man who raped her and evidently be happy about it, ising hwr people for whatever harebrained scheme she had next, sleeping with a general who brought heads for a gift, stealing what she needed, killing if she wasn't given what she required...as if she was ever fit for rulership mentally!

Gotta love the dany apologists who said she went through a rough time and massacred 10s of 1000s of people, its like saying hitler had a point! She had her chance to be a ruler in Meereen nd I bet they all get the bloody flux and die horribly. All she can do is destroy.


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