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Jarl Halstein

How do we go from here? The ultimate theory on how this will end!

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After D&D approved my idea about heat-seeking scorpions, I can reveal to you how the rest of the story ends. Ready? Here we go!

Jon opens a bakery and an inn at King's Landing, where the other characters all work or come and go.

"Where did the pie go? Hound? Oh, you...!"

Varys and Tyrion have to share a room upstairs, and where Varys is tidy Tyrion is messy and likes to play the lute real loud, so there are constant jokes. But every time Varys in his apron says something, Tyrion goes, "My DIHCK!" and the audience laughs.

Jaime keeps trying to win Sansa's hand, and she acts all proper and gets upset when she gets dirt on her dress. Arya is a cool dance teacher because it's just like fencing.

The Night Prince is a cheeky alley boy who is interested in Arya, but she ignores him. Baker Sam is a friendly figure who hands the gang of alley boys, The Others, apples and pies once in a while. His cheeks are always covered in flour and he is a real jolly fellow.

Queen Cersey constantly tries to find ways to close down the inn but keeps failing in the most hilarious ways, and she always blames Littlefinger even though he tried to warn her. "Here we go again!" he sighs.

Occasionally Catelyn Stark drops by to check in on her kids, and they all show her what they have learned recently in the episode. Then she gives them some wise words, that usually have to do with fish and rivers.

Captain Seaworthy and Pirate Euron sit in a corner drinking ale and telling tall tales. When someone makes a fool of himself they shout a funny comment. Euron has a small crossbow hidden in his beard and shoots little arrows at chicken legs and pies to reel them in, and then Dany the Wench threatens to make the two pay their ale tab.

Baby Dragon and Puppy Ghost like to rough and tumble, or just sleep curled up together, so adorable. Baby Dragon gets to light the fireplace and heat soup with the flames coming out of his nostrils. At the end of the episode he often chases away Cersei, who is the only one who is afraid of him.

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