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Euron III Greyjoy

"He needs to know the truth" - Why?

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I'm pretty sure I saw a question similar to this after Season 7 ended, but I think it applies even more after watching this season. Why did Jon need to know the truth about his parentage? I feel like the only possible reason would be if he actual does become King at the end of next episode. Similar to how we kept being told that the Winterfell Crypts where safe, and it turned out that wasn't the case, does Jon repeatedly saying how he doesn't want to be King over the season mean he will end up being King?

Whilst on the subject of Jon, is it just me or has he not really done anything all season? Maybe, since he is my favourite book character, I have this bias against show Jon, but unless he actually does sit the throne in the last episode, what has he really done?

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Because the plot demanded it. Literally the only reason for him to know was to enable the self-fulfilling prophesy of people turning on Dany and her exacting revenge.

Basically, Bran's power is that he is able to see the script and help force characters into place regardless of the sense it makes inside the story. It's also how Arya was able to kill the NK in the exact right spot without anyone ever knowing how lucky she got.

Because plot...

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