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Sam Fan

Who is the real General Jon or Dany

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Jon Snow is an effective General on the defense. Daenerys is equally or more effective on the offense. Neither does well if they switch. This is not an argument about whether Queen Daenerys was perhaps mad in Episode 5. Just comments on military prowess.

Consider this, when forced to defend Meereen Dany didn’t know which way to turn. When she escaped, burned the Khals and mounted Drogon she knew exactly how to win. When her advisors talked her into a cautious approach to Kings’ Landing, Jamie outsmarted her and captured Highgarten and got the gold needed to buy the Golden Company. At the same time when Dany heard of the losses she acted with decisiveness, but not rashly, and destroyed both the Lannister and Tarly armies. Side note, I have never understood why the wagons of grain were burned. It was either very bad intelligence or just a need for the dragon fire special effects.

What about Jon? He is an incredibly brave and skilled fighter and when called on to defend the Wall no one could have done it better but he acted rashly and would have lost the Battle of the Bastards if the Knights of the Vale hadn’t arrived. Thank you Sansa. You could give him credit for the raid on the mutineers at Craster’s Keep but that was a very small engagement. He never gave Dany the advice she needed to go on the offensive. If Dany had followed her instinct she would have taken King’s Landing before the Gold Company arrived and before her dragon was killed and the Wall was breached. She would not have been crazed with grief and would probably have just breached the walls to allow the armies to take the city.

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