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Panos Targaryen

Will we ever see the original pilot?

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As the show is ending, do you think it would make sense for HBO to release the original, unaired pilot? Is there precedent for a network doing this in a similar situation?

Primarily, I really want to see Tamzin Merchant's Daenerys. From what I hear, she was GRRM's choice, and appearance-wise I think she would have been perfect as Daenerys. Emilia Clarke was decent, but not the ultimate realization of Daenerys as I pictured her, appearance or behaviour-wise, though she was close in the 1st season, and her acting was lacking in some areas. Also, the wig just doesn't work for me, it never looked natural after season 1 imo. Will this happen someday? Could it leak somehow?

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I would surely love to watch it.

As I understand it, it would be very unusual for an unaired discarded pilot to be released. I can think of a few of cases, though (The Big Bang Theory is the most recent that comes to mind). And it would surely grab a lot of interest if it was offered as an extra in some future deluxe release, even in its current unfinished format, without effects and roughly edited.


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