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Ser Pip

Jon's biggest error?

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I'm not sure we can blame Jon for Dany going crazy aka writers messing up Dany's character, along with all other characters.

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On 5/17/2019 at 3:09 PM, Nightwish said:

You probably lost a lot. She tried to save North and the north betrayed her after using her army and forces. You don’t like someone fine? Then have the guts to go and tell him. 

Sansa “the north is yours your majesty” instead say “you are not welcome here”

Sansa and Arya don’t trust her have the guts to say “John no, let her take her dragons and go from where she came”

thats what straight people do, speak up. They don’t hide in the crypts, enjoying the protection of the enemy they hate and at the same time they go “dragon queen is the problem” in the shadows, neither they pretend everything is ok and then wait for the right opportunity to conspire how to get you out of the way, after saving their ass. 

And by defending this logic this is what you are defending. That’s it’s ok going behind people’s back and betraying their effort. No it’s not ok. 


You sound like Dany and her army were the ones who defended the North. Well, northmen themselves defended the North, with the help of wildlings and unsullied. And two dragons with Dany. And Melisandre. I don't count dothraki here, as they died so stupidly like no one else in the show, without any harm done to the enemy. And all these parties would have been for nothing, as the battle was lost. Everyone, including Danies armies and dragons, would have been dead. Yet Arya killed NK and they have been saved.

And no, mistrust is not equal to treason. But, as we all know, there are Sith, who deals in absolutes.

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