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shadowbinding or red god?

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melissandre is at various times refereed to as both a red priestess of r'hllor and shadowbinder of asshai. we have seen other red priests and there doesnt seem to be any indication that they practice shadowbinding, as melissandre does. what little we know of the religion of the red temple does not seem to suggest a link to asshai. the   the only other shadowbinder we can find is quathe, who does not seem to be a red priestess or devotee of the red god. furthrmore, shadowbinding is always associated with asshai, not volantis or the red temple.  is shadowbinding an independent magical system of asshai that mel just happens to know or is shadowbinding an aspect of the red god and its faith?

the question further provokes this question , how do we even know mel is of the red temple at all? perhaps she is really an shadowbinder of asshai assuming the form of red priestess . the people of asshai all wear masks and mel is no different.

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