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Beardy the Wildling

Who's hyped for Episode 6 for unintended reasons?

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33 minutes ago, Sheiraseastar23 said:

I mean the latter of' course. The writers have obviously fucked up a lot of things since season 4, Dany's decent into madness among them. But after it's all said and done, after episode 5, there is no excusing  her actions in said episode, with or without buildup, yet we have a topic on this very forum of somewhat 20 pages, apologists trying to blame other characters of the show for Dany murdering hundreds of thousands of people. 

Yes, as someone who was never Dany's biggest fan before, I'd far rather be a Dany apologist than a Season 8 Writing apologist.

I support all the other characters as well. If someone kills Dany in the coming episode, I will support them too. But I support Dany. For Emilia Clarke's impeccable acting in this episode. For the shock Emilia experienced reading the script. For anyone who named their kids after Dany. For anyone who loved Dany before. For anyone who will love Dany in the future. This end was so undeserved for the show, and yet, Dany was magnificent flying around on her dragon. I support Dany for the special effect guys. For the costume makers. For the composer of the music. I support Dany for completing a plot point that she had to complete for the sake of plot. I support her for the original author, who I can only assume will be able to pull this off in a fulfilling, if painful way. I support Dany for any aspiring writer out there who has ever taken a crash course on writing who could have done this better. For any aspiring writer who ever read Hitchcock's theory about why suspense is more valuable than surprise.

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On 5/17/2019 at 10:57 PM, Winter prince said:

I think I was more disappointed in season 7 when I had expectations. I still find the entertainment value and I have decent co workers who can talk about ASOIAF/GOT in a civilized manner so it's not all bad. 

Very much this. The show died for me mid way through S7 when the nonsense started. I had some interest in The Bells because it was fun trying to figure out what GRRM has planned for the Dany character. 

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On 5/17/2019 at 8:27 PM, MinscS2 said:

I'm looking "forward" to it so I can get some sort of closure with this entire franchise and then move on.

This. I just need some closure after almost 20 years. To borrow from another epic fantasy:

There are neither beginnings nor endings (to the turning of the Wheel of Time). But it was an ending.

I just need an ending now. I’ll treat it as one ending, whether or not it’s satisfying or totally horseshit, until I actually have tWoW and aDoS in my hands. 

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On 5/18/2019 at 2:15 AM, snow is the man said:

I'm sorry if I misjudged. I just can't figure out why people who hate something keep watching it and talking about it. For example there are people who have been complaining about how they hate game of thrones and have since season six and yet they still watch it and still talk about it. You might not be one of those people but alot of people do that and I just don't get it unless they are trolling.  In my opinion those people are sick

If you saw a clown take a shit on a stage and say 'What a shitshow', only for the entire world to turn around and say said clown was a comedic genius, a revolutionary, a generation-defined masterpiece of comedy gold, would you not want to try to stop people from propping up absolute shit as gold? That's what it's like to hate the sacred cow that is Game of Thrones. Trying to make sure that no, you're not completely insane, you are in fact right to hate the same thing everyone else is clapping about like a fucking seal.

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