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Anyone think Visenya killed Rhaenys?

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At least, had a major hand in her death. Rhaenys dies in Dorne when a scorpion bolt pierces Meraxes's eye. If the scorpions were so successful, why weren't the Dornish, and other others too for that matter, hell bent on making more scorpions to do the same? Nothing of the sort is hinted in the books. However, the dragons do wonder if the Yellow Toad got her hands on Lyseni poison to get the job done so effectively. 

It really shows how dragons are hard to kill by conventional methods. The other two dragons survive, and later, no other dragons die by similar bolts, even during the Dance. This takes me to the letter Aegon receives from Meria Martell's heir after her death. The letter makes Aegon so furious, his hands bleed when he reads it, yet he curiously never shares it with Visenya, given that she also lost a sibling. Aegon burns the letter and later agrees to the terms of peace. 

It got me thinking, what if it was Visenya who lets the Yellow Toad know how to poison and kill a dragon? Only Meraxes dies, very likely killing the rider as well. Some people have speculated that Rhaenys may have been alive in Dorne. But if this was true, Aegon, who loved Rhaenys truly, would never have stopped trying to see her. At this point there was a stalemate in the war. But if Aegon truly wanted, he could have assembled even a bigger army and paid for like Faceless Men to take down Dorne if Rhaenys was held hostage. He does none of these things.

More interesting things happen later. Aegon doesn't consult Visenya, makes peace with the Dornish, and afterwards pretty much retreats to Dragonstone. His relationship with Visenya is practically nonexistent afterwards. The trio is broken up. 

It brings me back to Visenya. Unlike Rhaenys, who was all life and passion, Visenya was rather cold and cruel. It's more obvious later during her son Maegor's reign. It's very possible that she was jealous of Rhaenys, as Aegon spent all his time with her. Rhaenys also gives birth first and her son eventually becomes heir. Visenya I think has trouble conceiving (but correct me if I'm wrong). Her jealously and cruelty could have lead her to tipping off the Dornish on how to kill Rhaenys and her dragon, without making Aegon suspect anything (at the time at least). And the Yellow Toad got a good deal too. Sunspear is spared, and her heir as well. Dorne also ends up with a juicy piece of blackmail that can finally get Aegon to give up his conquest of Dorne. 

There are some magical things here too. Rhaenys's son, Aenys I, is weak. It's possible that Visenya had some hand in this as well, either by poison or sorcery she was rumored for, so that Maegor can ascend. Like Visenya, Maegor is cruel, and utterly unsuited to rule. Maegor isn't able to conceive an heir, and eventually the all the Targs afterward descend from the Aegon/Rhaenys line, not from Visenya's directly. Though Aenys was not a good ruler, his son, Jeharys, eventually becomes the Targ that genuinely unites the realm and brings peace. 

Why doesn't Aegon do anything to Visenya because of this? In the lore, it's hinted that kinslaying among dragons is a grave crime. It's possibly what happened to Rhaenys  backfires on Visenya's line. And her actions also weakens the Targs. Later, when Dance commences, kinslaying destroys the dragons, and literally makes new dragons weaker. It's possible that some curse or magical stuff plays a role as well. Aegon is likely to be aware of this. Despite being the conqueror, Aegon is never needlessly cruel. He's probably unable and unwilling to get his revenge because of all the magical stuff that unofficially govern the Targ bloodline. It would be interesting to know how all this plays out with the overall story. 

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