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Indifference to KL burning

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Of course, intellectually and morally, I know and understand that Dany's actions after the surrender in KL were horrific. However, I was pretty apathetic in general as to the Arya p.o.v. amidst the carnage. Some have said that it would have made more sense to have us follow Davos, with him being from KL, but even if we had followed him through the misery, I still don't think it would have changed a thing. I'm not really sure why I didn't feel anything watching it. Before the episode I went in with a vengeful and cynical attitude "Burn them all!", but I didn't even feel the schadenfreude of seeing the Red Keep being roasted. 

Maybe it's because quite a few characters have over the years talked about KL as a place with shit people (both high- and lowborn). And the show has, from my perspective, often painted the people of KL as dumb sheep. They've come off as immoral, resorting to violence and loving it, they're easily manipulated, etc. Yes, yes, it could very well be a valid criticism of the mentality of the masses, but then how am I meant to give a shit about them (esp. after the jeers and cheers during Ned's beheading)? D&D wanted to shock, of course, and to tug on our heartstrings, but I really would have preferred to have more Cersei and Dany screen time. Don't waste precious time of this short, jam-packed season with extras burning! 


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