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[Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion


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2 minutes ago, Rory Snow said:

All the Starks win!!

But for Ned and Cat and Robb and Rickon, and Rickard and Brandon and Benjen.

But yes. This was a tale of the Stark Restoration, an 8,000 year reign. It was never about the Targaryen Restoration, a mere 300-year blip.

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Just now, Skills said:

I'm confused..is there even a NW anymore? The two Crows that escorted Jon to Castle Black looked official enough

  But why would they need a NW anymore?  

Well quite. No White Walkers, Wildings friendly and under Jon. The Wall could be Berlined if they had the manpower (Drogon....)

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Jon ending up living up north beyond the wall is totally fine, it always made sense for him to end up there.

I'm fine with almost everything, except with how stupidly rushed this season was. Should always have been two regular seasons, less spending on the big budget stuff.

Arya going west was dumb. Doesn't matter that this is what she does in the books, there is no setup for it in the show, so at least have her go back to Winterfell with a line about saying she will likely not stay. But her literally boarding a ship out of nowhere is just odd, it feels too forced.

And the cut from Jon killing Dany to the dragon pit, which btw made NO SENSE as a location they would go in in their position, was episode-breaking. Everything had been fine up to then.

As for the council, it was stupidly bad and pointless. Show Sam at the citadel speaking with the grand maester instead, making him pick the title.

Bronn? Have a scene of him on his own getting his stupid title as he sits in some fancy seat.

There was no need to have them in the council together, felt like an SNL skit.

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1 minute ago, Anthony Pirtle said:

I thought the first half was pretty good. I mean, I wasn't crazy about how we got there, but at least it didn't mess about. Tyrion gave Jon a hell of a pep talk, and then he went and whacked the mad queen. Everything after Drogon flew off, however, was pretty silly. Hack dialogue and some very odd choices. 

Agree completly. after drogon flies off he takes the logic with him.

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Whatever. It was spectacular. Absolutely they did the best they could do. 


I wish that you people knew me so that you could hear my tone of voice. I do believe the statement though. They did the best they could do. 

My greatest hope is now that the show is done and in our past George RRM will actually finish writing the books *stern face*

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