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[Poll] How would you rate episode 806?


How would you rate episode 806?  

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This season was pure and utter shite. but this is the best ending to all this shit. There was no way imaginable not even one in a 14000000 that somehow the show was going to be good after the fast track they pulled in the last episode. and yet... I quite enjoyed the finale, it was the optimal best that d/D could have delivered. They are not capbale of more and on that grade scale I award this episode a 10. Out of all the things that got to me, was Brienne writing about Jaime.  Jon discovering Scotland or Greenland, Arya sailing to USA, Ghost. No, I got broken emotionally by Brienne. What the hell was that with Bran. They cut something out, because it was weird as hell. Anyway, after three 1/10 episodes, I give this one a 10. Because apparently I don't know the numbers between them, I'm totally wasted. And this is probably the only resolution to this saga that we'll ever get sadly, so... a 10 it is.

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5 hours ago, Dynas said:


The Dragon Pit Council seemed to me like the Imperial Diet of the Holy Roman Empire.  Sam represented the Maesters, What unknown man? The only "new character" was the Dornish guy. Concerning the Dothraki, i thought they all died at the Long Night Battle, so I don't even know why they are there. That being said, I don't think Grey Worm has a reason to be in Westeros. The Unsillied are Warriors, without war in Westeros there is no need for them there. 

Sam sits on the council, I assume they flashed forward a bit. Yeah the book binding was rushes, but since season 6 with Fast Travel Gendry and armies, time has been sped up. It was a nice touch in my opinion. 

Arya leaving represents her free spirit. She has always been this way. 

I think Bran was sending Jon to the "Nights Watch" meaning he was being exiled to join the wildlings he knew where at Castle Black. JOn couldn't stay around since people knew he was a Targaryean, otherwise there would still be people loyal to him. He didn't want the throne, and he knew staying around would only continue the war.

Cersei killed the High Septon and blew up the Main Cathedral and many of its septons/septas. Im sure religion is still around, but thats not the focus  at this point.

Eagles pick up stuff in there claws all the time, probably an inherent skill.

The Dothraki are at 50% strength so 10,000 before the attack on KL.  I don't think many died there unless Dany burned them.  Why would Sam represent the Maesters?  He abandoned his position and stole a bunch of stuff.  The best he could have expected was to be returned to poop montage doody.  No... sorry... they made him Grand Maester...  I guess you are right.  Go around the circle and tell me who everyone is..

They didn't flash forward, that was the first small council meeting, listen to what they are talking about.  The absolute core basics of reconstruction.  Unless King Bran did nothing during that whole flash forward time...

Arya has never shown an explorer streak, nor an interest in ship travel. Nearly any option (other than Gendry) would have made more sense.  It was like they were setting up some shitty spinoff that would be cancelled after one season.

Jon's bloodline was never mentioned in that discussion, nor would it draw many people to his cause when he didn't want it.  He should have been executed by Grey Worm in any case.

Religion is a big deal in Westeros.  You blow up a building and that doesn't go away.  Religion would be represented in that council.

Look how he picks her up and watch how clawed animals pick things up.  See the difference?

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I've given it a 5 after sleeping on it. The hard work that goes into making Got one of the best TV shows ever was still obvious, great music, great acting, amazing scenery and costumes, but the quality of writing has been hit and miss since season 5 and unfortunately there has been more misses than hits lately. 

After some time to think about how the series ended I realised I wasn't angry with every chararter/thread ending. But even the endings I liked didn't make sense to me. I would have rated it lower on my initial response yesterday, so I'm glad I waited to let my first impression settle down first

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I think the reality is that I was frustrated with this show for a number of years, and then was ready to end someone around episode 3, and so I'm onto a different stage of grief than some.  I'm disappointed but not raging.


It's been evident they can't write for years. It's been evident that they are shrinking the cast of characters and the way the characters interact for years. They haven't been building organically or interweaving intricate plot for years. They choose a destination and provide crappy rationale to get there. Tyrion has been a prop used to put Dany in tough situations or to give Cersei and upper hand and he hasn't had his own true plot line for years - and he was the most popular, fascinating character ... and he even stayed central to the plot and had a large role in the finale ... and they still gave up his storyline. And it's been evident since they announced the shortened seasons, which was a few years ago, that they are moving on no matter what anyone says and no matter the wisdom of trying to wrap it up that quickly.


So, for all of those complications and problems, I thought they executed what it is pretty well the last three episodes, overall. With some really ugly crap happening that was hard to believe they found acceptable.


One thing not discussed much but it's of no to me, is how they added to Dany's madness / mental snap a layer of world domination and abuse in the name of ending abuse and it was, I think, a major save of that storyline. It made the turn against her completely believable.


But they never really sold Jon loving her or why he would love her. So him struggling with it so much didn't land despite that you knew that what they were trying to show you was he loved her and it was crushing him. Instead he just looked like stupid Jon walking into another bad idea with his heart on his sleeve.


Heck, I think the idea of Greyworm becoming a problem and trying to address the question of what happens to an army when its leader is assassinated is a fascinating subject that could have used an entire episode to develop. Hell, you could turn that into an entire season if you wanted to explore all of the complexity there and the possible negotiations and war craft that could develop. But instead we got him giving up on minutes for no reason.


It's just all part of the same issue of time and development. Almost nothing that they ended up accomplishing was problematic by itself. It's all about how they got there and the fact that it didn't land. And the fact that it was different from the nature of the show before.


I think they probably should have done more seasons but even if they want to end after 8 seasons ... fine. You can spend an episode on hellos and another episode on goodbyes in a 10-episode run but not when you only have 6 episodes. You can have the Night King defeated in a single battle if you have that stretch somehow across multiple episodes and have a cliffhanger and true sense of peril in the middle ... and not the crap that they put on screen where people survive despite how they're presented in impossible situations and TV magic saves the day with plot armor. And you can develop Dany and Jon and develop Greyworm  turning cold after the death of Missandei and all the other stuff so much better with extra episodes. You can show us many of the scenes that they just skipped because it was easier. We should have seen Jamie talk to Bran when he arrived at Einterfell. We should have seen Sansa and Arya react to the news of Jon's heritage. We should have seen Sansa and Tyrion truly talking about the merits of Jon versus Dany. We should have seen the aftermath of Dany dying, at least the immediate aftermath.


There are so many things they could have done and the timeline did not allow for it. And that is just unforced and it was a choice and it was wrong and it was so substantial and meaningful that in many ways it is just simple and clear that these two producers, personally, ruined the show ... to the degree it was ruined.

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8. Bittersweet is the perfect way i would put it. The writing wasn't that bad this episode(but still its weak point) and in conjunction with great acting, videography, and as someone who works in the industry(sadly not on GOT) it was just a decent episode overall. The dialogue between Jon and Tyrion was great, I didnt expect Bran to be the one who ended up on the "iron throne." I didn't expect it to get melted. 

I docked it two points because the writing is rushed, jumpy, they changed the landscape somewhat(not to mention some pretty aggressive climate change) The Dragon scene was kind of dumb... If a dragon can sense what its riders desires are... Why can't it see a damn ship while its flying, get shot, not do anything, get shot again, not do anything, and die. But thats an issue with another episode lol. 


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9. It was always going to be tough to do the last episode, but they wrapped everything up as well as was possible I think.

My prediction was the final shot would be Arya and Nymeria. I'll settle for it (almost) being Jon and Ghost.

Oh, and the CGI & cinematography this episode was off the chart.


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GAME OF THRONES S8 EP6 AKA PART 73 OF 73 AKA "....um, okay"

Were there dragons? Was there a dragon?  Yes and it was arguably the highlight of the episode?  Were there there tits? No.  Edmure Tully IS a tit, yes its true, but that's not the kind of tits we're talking about here and besides he'd only be one even if he did count.


In honor of Seasons 7 & 8 and their alacritous pace, I am going to RUSH THROUGH THIS

Peter Dinklage puts his Emmy Pants on one last time as he excuses himself [refusing Jon's offer of an armed escort] to go through the rubble of the keep, past the floor map and the hand's chambers, down through the secret pathways, past the dragon skulls, and into the depths and the rubble, and he breaks down when he sees a glimpse of Jaime's metal hand.  He unearths just enough rubble to confirm both his siblings are dead, and has a nice breakdown. +1

GREAT shot of Drogon's wings flapping behind Dany that makes it look like they're her wings as she addresses her conquering army, exclusively in High Valyrian, getting everyone hype to stay on the conquering warpath and spreading THE REVOLUTION (fuck this staying and ruling shit).  I'm quite cool with this.  It's about the best path to take now that they're committed to rushing through to this end point and making Dany as nutso as possible.  Going all High Valyrian and leaning into the foreign conqueror and not really caring much about the Iron Throne now that she's actually got it, and also implicitly threatening Winterfell & The North as part of her upcoming Burn It Down World Tour 300AC.  Tyrion resigns as hand dramatically as Dany has him arrested for treason.  Jon lurks around being a dour wallflower.  Arya shows up and informs Jon re: Dany that "I know a killer when I see one" and tries to get Jon to leave, or at least not go off on another classic Jon Snow Heroic Suicide Mission, but you know our boy Jon.  +1

Jon and Tyrion have a chit chat in Tyrion's cell where Jon tries to give Dany the benefit of the doubt but Tyrion breaks it down and does his best to tell in one 4 minute speech what the show could have shown us about Dany's descent into believing in her own manifest destiny and fanaticism.  Jon quotes Maester Aemon ["Love is the death of duty"] which is nice.  Jon know what the right thing to do is, he just knew he needed to have Tyrion talk him into it.  +1 for more Dinklage Emmy Pants

It really is too bad that we got such a late, such a fast-tracked, and such an abrupt heel turn for Dany because Clarke is really, really good as delusional wingnut Dany.  Especially considering how much the interviews she's done lately seem to imply she personally didn't enjoy the Season 8 script.  Really good stuff from her, wish she'd gotten to do more of it.  Dany stands in the ruined throne room, staring at the Iron Throne [never actually sitting on it btw, which I like given she's already got her mind on the next conquest], and immediately rambling to Jon when he shows up about Viserys, and everything she's heard about the swords melted to make the throne, and breaking the wheel and making the world a better place and it's okay because they (inc. Jon but mostly it's a she) actually do know what's right.  So it's okay for her.  Y'know, every authoritarian's rationalization ever.  Anyway Jon says "you will always be my queen" for the 500th time and FINALLY our boy Jon has learned some deceit, as he shanks Dany while hugging her, and lets her down to the ground gently as she bleeds out and dies with nary a whimper. +1 for Clarke selling Fanatic Dany as best as one could given the time constraints.  -1 for the TV stab and easy death, like humans die on contact with a blade as easily as White Walkers.  Remember Season 3?  How slow and bloody and violent Jeor Mormont's death was when he got stabbed?  Yeah.  Microcosm of how the tone of the show has completely shifted once past the source material.

DROGON MVP.  WONDERFUL JOB depicting a make believe CGI animal's rage and grief.  The bit where it tried to nudge Dany's body to make her move again was gorgeous.  Drogon melts the Iron Throne completely (yay), grabs Dany's body in one talon (the left one, if you care about such things) and flies off to Parts Unknown with her.  Great Shit, even though they wasted a little time trying to get us to buy into Drogon attacking Jon.  Once it didn't happen right away you knew it wasn't (and besides, he's a Targaryen too).  +2 for Drogon being so real.

Stop me if you've heard this one before, but like the whole of the show itself, the first half is way better than the latter half.  Most internal logic flew out of here in Drogon's other claw w.r.t. The Council Of Lords to pick a new king.  We follow still-imprisoned Tyrion as Grey Worm leads him to the Dragon Pit where the convention is going down.  Grey Worm yells at Tyrion to not talk anymore.  Tyrion goes on to do quite a lot of talking anymore. (-1) Jon's absence is immediately raised as an issue and then quickly dismissed as an issue by some hasty handwaving.  Sansa reminds Grey Worm that hurting Jon would be a bad idea given that the city is surrounded by Northmen.

So I guess Jon confessed and the Unsullied arrested him alive rather than just killing him (or Tyrion for that matter?) on the spot.  "Hey yeah uh Dany flew off on Drogon I dunno where she is but she totally left me in charge until she gets back" is the easiest lie in the world to tell here.  Not that our boy Jon lies.  But he did finally learn to sneak attack, so maybe?  This should have been SHOWN, either way.  Grey Worm could use a little explaining here instead of just looking like RRRGH HATE YOU NOW BUT NOT KILLING YOU FOR I DUNNO. -1


I do love how "everybody" came back for the council of lords.  It was nice to hear Royce get to speak, the Generic Prince of Dorne looked suitably Dornish,  Little Robin Arryn was there and he ain't so little no more.  Yara is there being angry and getting a token pro-Dany statement.  Would've been nice to have her mention her little brother, either resentful that he died for The Starks or being more pro-Stark out of respect for his memory.  Arya threatens to silence her for good if she keeps talking shit.  Boy we're off to a good start aren't we?  Sam is there, Brienne and Davos are there, I think Gendry is there but the camera never focuses on him for long enough for me to be sure, some unnamed other lords are there, EDMURE TULLY IS HERE HOLY SHIT Y'ALL.  And he gets to start the proceedings with a rambling, pointless speech puffing himself up that goes nowhere and never gets to the point because Sansa tactfully gets him to sit down and shut up. +2 for Edmure being back and as much of a dingus as ever.  Episode needed the laugh.  Meera Reed is NOT here, which seems a glaring omission considering this scene eventually becomes All About Bran (-1).  After Edmure, Sam stands up and proposes Democracy.  Everyone laughs him out of the room (well not literally but he's done talking).  Eventually Tyrion, talking despite Grey Worm saying he can't talk anymore, suggests Bran, bringing up the whole stories and memories and wisdom thing that got dropped (along with Bran) after the Night King's early and ignominious exit.  Sansa gives no fucks and straight up spoils that Bran can't have children.  Tyrion says this is good because bloodline kings suck and we should do this council shit to elect a king from here on anyway.  Bran is elected more or less unanimously though Sansa is all NORTHERN INDEPENDENCE YO.  Yara and Generic Dornish Prince sitting over here like "wait, that was an option? Dang."  Tyrion is named hand, which Bran frames as punishment/atonement "he'll spend the rest of his life fixing his mistakes" to placate Grey Worm.  And along those lines, Jon is exiled to The Night's Watch which somehow exists again, and everyone just ignores that The Wall has a big ol irrepairable hole in it (also there's no White Walkers it needs to keep out anymore).  Grey Worm is just whatever because he's on the plot rails and wants to get out of here.  The last we see of him is scowling one last time at Jon and loading up all the Unsullied on a voyage to Naath.

-2, one for each water bottle on the set.  SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK.  It's the last week of school and everyone's on summer vacation already. 

Teary goodbyes from all The Starks (well, not Bran, he's actually got a little smirk going), and Arya gets on some bullshit about going west of westeros because Okay, I guess?  No buildup to this.  Just some whatever shit.  It's not like you have to write her out of the rest of the episodes, this IS the last one. -1 for Leif Ericsson Arya coming out of left field.

Bran's small council convenes.  Lord Bronn of Highgardren, Hand Tyrion (still no mention of whether he's Lord Of Casterly Rock or not BTW), Grand Maester Samwell, and Master Of Ships Davos Seaworth.  Kingsguard L.C. Brienne is there too.  Oh and Pod's in the guard which is kinda whatever considering his whole character now boils down to Magic Dick Man.  He wheels Bran in and out.  Anyway the council immediately sets to squabbling about what repairs to pay for first and how.  I guess that's the bittersweet ending.  All that shit and all that death and humanity's back where it was, arguing over petty shit without an existential threat to make everyone come together and focus on the big picture.  Oh and Sam busts out Archmaester Ebrose's history of recent events, of course called A Song Of Ice And Fire.  The gag being that Tyrion's basically not in it.  Eyeroll.  Anyway this is just tying up a lot of bows.  I DO LIKE that Bran is smirking as Pod wheels him out, giving us just that little hint that maybe he's not so unemotional and detached after all, maybe he was Playing (and Winning) The Game his own way, after all.  Hope so, as a lot of stuff makes more sense if he is. +1

Brienne fills out Jaime's entry in the Chronicles Of The Kingsguard.  She is tactful and discreet about the whole thing between her, and Jaime, and Cersei.  Is faithfully accurate about the rest.  Necessary scene, executed competently.  Right length, right beats, etc.  Completely satisfied with the knot on this loose end. +1

So Jon goes to "The Night's Watch" which of course is actually all Wildlings.  Tormund is there and everyone fucks off into the wilderness behind them.  Jon's "punishment" isn't a punishment at all; Jon is effectively King-Beyond-The-Wall, which does explain why Goodbye really does seem to be Goodbye with Sansa and Arya.  Jon's got what he actually wants (presumably). So basically Bran pulled another fast one on Grey Worm and whatever pro-Dany lords there were out there.  Though I'm not so sure, given how fast reliable information travels in Westeros now, that it makes sense that nobody would go "hey, wait a minute, I thought there wasn't a Night's Watch anymore on account of them all getting killed defeating the thing they exist to fight" but whatever. Jon's got Longclaw, HE PET GHOST THIS TIME OMG YES, and he's got BFF Tormund, and I guess Jon's happy ever after.  +1 for FINALLY PETTING GHOST

Sansa's Crown Of Winter is pretty cool, I guess.



House Stark rules the continent though.  King Jon Beyond The Wall, Queen in the North Sansa, and King Bran of the southern 6 Kingdoms.  But they'll all implicitly never see each other again. Que Triste.


FINAL SCORE: 6 out of 10

Some good stuff, but could've been a lot better and a lot of potential seems [now forever] untapped.  The symptoms of rushed writing manifest just about everywhere.  The shit with Arya going west feels transparently and cynically STAY TUNED FOR THE SEQUEL/SPIN OFF, and King Bran feels pretty WTF though it would probably be less so had they not been so stop and start with him all along (really wanted ONE cut to him and his eyes turning blue during the closing Stark Exodus Montage, or even just rolling back white and finding/controlling Drogon.  Even a "Ha Ha I won" laugh or smirk or ANYTHING.

And as "TV"ish as it is for people to gratuitously call each other by name when they're just talking I really wish they had done more of it during the council of lords since several folks (Edmure, Robin) were showing up for the first time in a long time, and some of those people were entirely new.  Who are they, where are they there?  One of them being Old Howland Reed would've been a very good touch (and he could've vouched for Bran on his daughter's behalf if they couldn't get the actress to show up and be Meera at the council, though they should have if they could have).

Feels weird to have it actually be over.  I do want more than we got, even if towards the end I tended to only like about half of what we were getting.  If only they'd taken a little more time.  Oh well.


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In the (somewhat modified) words of Eric Cartman:

Crap, crappety crap, crap, crap!

On the other hand - if you know a show has come to its utter and final end, you might as well make people hate it so they don't miss it when it's all over...

2. Not a 1 simply because Tyrion didn't buy it

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1 hour ago, legba11 said:

The Dothraki are at 50% strength so 10,000 before the attack on KL.  I don't think many died there unless Dany burned them.  Why would Sam represent the Maesters?  He abandoned his position and stole a bunch of stuff.  The best he could have expected was to be returned to poop montage doody.  No... sorry... they made him Grand Maester...  I guess you are right.  Go around the circle and tell me who everyone is..

They didn't flash forward, that was the first small council meeting, listen to what they are talking about.  The absolute core basics of reconstruction.  Unless King Bran did nothing during that whole flash forward time...

Arya has never shown an explorer streak, nor an interest in ship travel. Nearly any option (other than Gendry) would have made more sense.  It was like they were setting up some shitty spinoff that would be cancelled after one season.

Jon's bloodline was never mentioned in that discussion, nor would it draw many people to his cause when he didn't want it.  He should have been executed by Grey Worm in any case.

Religion is a big deal in Westeros.  You blow up a building and that doesn't go away.  Religion would be represented in that council.

Look how he picks her up and watch how clawed animals pick things up.  See the difference?

The Dragon Pit Council. @46:19   to 46:Left to right

Sam Tarley - Reach (Davos states the lords who rule it are gone)


Edmure Tully - Riverrun




Brienne (Kingsguard and/or 


Gendry- Storms End


?? (Westerlands)

Osha/Yara (Iron isles)

?? Dorne

@ 50:35 

Robin of the Vale

?? - not sure on the guys name but I recognize him form other episdoes ( think he is northern alliance)

??- same as above

So Ok, maybe you are right. There are a fair amount of new people. But they killed everyone else so someone is in charge of these lands now. new sons/lords etc..


Yeah i have no idea where all the Unsullied and Dothraki came from. That was shit planning on D&D part. It looked like 95% of the DOthraki died in the charge at the Long Night and at least half the unsullied as well.

Jon's bloodline is indeed not mentioned, but several people already know the truth. Tyrions, Starks, Sam, and you could argue the rest of them, as Varsarys sent ravens before being killed. Nevertheless, everyone there (as mention above at least) knew Jon didn't want the crown. The gave him a free out by sending him to a non exitent Nights Watch so that he could be free of responsibility to titles, names and blood. Jon basically finally accepted the oath of being a Member of the NW in full like he should have when he first took the oath. It just so happens there all dead and he became a wildling, probably to be Mance 2.0 Not to mention they would still have to prove it to everyone in Westeros aside from Sam and the STarks, no one would likely believe he is Aegon. he doesnt look like a Targaryean, and the proof is "magic" and a book which only about 1% of the population can read. Its better for everyone to let Jon go. 

They mention at the Dragon Pit meeting Jon was in jail several weeks after killing Dany. 

Religion is a big deal, but they probably didn't want to develop a new character for septon. Maybe the septon is at another city or town which is the new Great Sept and they didn't invite him. After all you got the Lord of LIght, the Old Gods, and the Drowned Gods, only like 1/3 of the people at the meeting actually follow the 7.

To be fair Drogon is a Wyvern, which is something that has irked me since season 5 but I digress lol. Its probably just an animation thing. You have green screen claws picking up a real body in a delicate fashion, its going to look off. Most times bird talons are piercing their prey, I doubt drogon wanted to hurt Danys body even though she was dead. 

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I was impossibly tolerant and impossibly generous and I gave it 3/10. This is because I wasn’t laughing or getting a stroke for 70 minutes straight, as I had been during episode 3 and 5. 

The music was great, there were exactly 2 scenes that made me happy and there were a few times when the show could have been even worse but decided not to be. There were also times when underneath all the layers of dried and still wet shit one could still trace the smell of the message grrm would have conveyed if he had finished the books and written the ending himself. 

It generally felt like a 10 year old finished the story after grrm told him the major plot points. 

There were times when they could have stopped to make it less horrible. There were laughable attempts at out-of-place humor which they could have omitted to not make a caricature of themselves. There were things they could have spent this insane amount of screen time that would have added to the story, but chose to film 5-minute shots of people walking silently to sad music, people looking sadly at the camera, people browsing books or arranging chairs. 

Generally it was just very very very very very bad. I feel terrible for the actors, even worse for the characters and I just hope that George didn’t watch it. Or if he did, he laughed instead of crying. This is not how cult television should go down history and be remembered. 


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I gave it a 9. This is the show it is now, and it was a very good ending to the Game of Thrones I’ve come to accept.

Anyone calling this season total shit must not have seen the last 3 seasons because honestly I think this season was a huge improvement overall. The writing was much better, the writers gave themselves more time and space to tell the story and it showed.

The show was never as good as those early seasons but I don’t hate it anymore.

The ending was fitting, it was well paced and I felt everyone got a suitable send off. 

I feel happy, and mostly satisfied. This was the ending we were always going to get and it’s actually a fantastic achievement for a tv show.

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I signed up just to vote in the poll and share my thoughts. 

First, the acting throughout the series and especially in the last season was phenomenal and I can't think of a single person in this series who has been a main character who has done a poor job. That is very true of this episode as well. The acting gets a 9+. 

The episode itself though was completely terrible, and I rated it a 2, only saved from a 1 by the incredible acting. 

The pacing was insane and stupid. So the first 5 episodes of this season were massively rushed so we could get 30 seconds of Tyrion laying on the floor staring into the camera and 2 minutes of him moving chairs around? Little things like that were pointless and pretty garbage when you factor in the time that wasn't given to develop the plot better in the last 2 seasons (and especially the last season). 

Also, Bran is king but what has Bran actually done? If you take Bran out of the story from after the assassin tried to kill him, what changes? If anything does change, it can be argued it changes for the better (Jojen and Hodor live, nobody knows about John's ancestry so he doesn't turn down Dany who doesn't go mass murderer). I mean when you actually stop and think about what Bran has done/caused in this series, he may be a bigger villain than any of them, so sure lets make him our new king, yay!

Tyrion is screwed around this whole episode (and whole last 3 seasons really). First he finds his family killed. Then he's forced into a slavery essentially because he told the Mad Queen what he thought of her "liberation", then when the Mad Queen dies the people who all thought she was a mad queen in the first place still punish him (and john) for going against the mad queen (like many of them asked them to do repeatedly). Then to add insult to all of this, there's a book written about all the events in show, and it doesn't freaking mention the dwarf that defended the capital from invasion, served as the hand of the king, married the heir to the North, stood trial for the killing of the cruel king, escaped after his trial, killed his father who was the Hand of the King/King's Regent, became Hand of the Queen, led and advised during her invasion back into westeros, then finally was able to convince someone to stand up to the Queen and assassinate her, then becomes the Hand of the new King. Holy heck, who wrote that book, D&D? Cause that's a whole lot of plot to miss out on in the retelling of their history. Also how many dwarves were killed in westeros while the crazy sister queen was sending people out to kill her brother? Didn't that at least deserve a mention in the documenting of the wars? lol. 

I guess the most trying and upsetting thing is that you know care was given to the story and clues were laid out during the early part of the series (and in the books) and then at the end, none of those clues really led to anything meaningful at any point. R+L=J only mattered cause it made John not want to keep getting with his aunt, and it made Varys write letters from dawn to night, even tho I guess he never sent any of them because they never were mentioned again in these last 2 episodes? The prophecy for Cersei makes no sense now, nor does the different prophecies about Dany. It's just all really disappointing. (sigh) I hope the remaining books are much better, but this has honestly sapped some of my excitement for those even, which is mind boggling to me. 


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Our list i(of the pit council) s identical :)  I couldn't figure out how to add a pic to the post.


My issue with Jon was why didn't Grey Worm kill him?  It was one last bit of plot armor that irked me.  He is a non-threat to King Bran regardless of where he is, due to his nature.

Yep, several weeks before the meeting, but that was clearly the first small council meeting, so how is Sam the Grand Maester now?

Since they had random folks on the dragon council, including generic Dorne Prince, why not a generic High Septon?  It is a simple costume change of any of the randoms and it would make the scene feel more complete and true to the earlier show.


Drogon scoops her like he was picking her up with his wing claw, which is why it bugged me.  I even said, "What's in his claws?" (since he didn't use the leg ones to pick her up), until the cut and she was in his leg claw.  That is a nit pick (at worst), it just jumped out at me...

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I gave it a 7 because I was satisfied with the endings for most who were still alive, particularly the Starks. But the season overall is a 1 at best, it was a massive storyline told in too few episodes and obviously very rushed, probably because D&D wanted to be done with GoT and move on.

I can't forgive the writers for butchering so many storylines and good characters. The Others and Night King were the main storyline and 8 years of build-up was stupidly dismantled in one episode when D&D decided to "shock" us by getting Arya to kill them. There should have been more backstory to the mysterious nature of the Others, like in the books they are far more human-like and have their own language etc. The R+L=J storyline was basically pointless in the end, the entire series would have been the same if it never existed. Finally, they turned one of the darkest and most interesting characters from the books, Euron Greyjoy, into basically just a horny pirate whose entire character arc and mission in life was to fuck the queen. 

The two things I actually liked from the ending and which I think will be the same in the books, are the North becoming an independent kingdom and Arya sailing West like Brandon the Shipwright and Elissa Farman, shout out to Alt Shift X for predicting that. 

All we can hope for now is that we get some vindication from the last two books (if GRRM ever finishes them) and a better ending than this one.

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8 seems right. Its one of the better episodes of the show and clearly order of magnitudes better than the last three epsiodes. Was everything perfect? No, but that wasn't possible after what we have seen in the last three epsiodes to two sessions.

Now I'm really interested in seeing how the books will wrap the story up. Imagin a fitting ending with a good, plausible and well timed story to get there.

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I gave it a one only because fractions and negative numbers weren't a choice. This episode was utter dogshit and one of the worst finales of all time of any show. This whole season has been the equivalent of bringing a hot girl home to your apartment, getting all wound up to go, and finding out she's actually a he...:ack:

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Gave it a solid 7. There were some mistakes in it but overall it was a satisfying end to a long story.

My only gripes are that Grey Worm would have killed Jon as soon as he found out what happened and the small council meeting seemed a bit silly especially with Bronn at the table. Podrick showing up as a Kingsguard nope, maybe as Brans valet or something but not as Kingsguard.

I like that Jon had to be the one to kill Dany. Didn't mind Drogon not roasting him at all, he is Targaryen after all and was a dragon rider. I thought the scene showing his anguish was pretty good, other than him picking up Dany with his foot. His mouth would have made more sense but oh well. Jons "punishment" is actually best case scenario, he is back where he started and still miserable. At least he has Tormund and Ghost, who finally got some loving.

Seeing Ayra sailing off to me makes perfect sense. She explicitly two episodes ago said I am not going back North, and I am not going to be someones Lady. So what's left, be a sellsword, nope, that's basically what drove her away from the FM, killing good people for money, so that's not her either. Going to WF with Sansa would bore her to tears. Sailing away to a place no one else knows about, makes sense. Now, how she got that Direwolf ship so fast is another story.

Sansa. This one I didn't like too much, the North getting to be independent. All of the realm suffered, not just the North. Granted the North fought the AotD but still. Her being Queen of the North makes sense if they are independent but I just don't like them breaking away. Dorne has always had a Prince so I guess it's not too far fetched.

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