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[Poll] How would you rate episode 806?


How would you rate episode 806?  

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22 hours ago, Kafka's Coat said:

Also liked the imagery of Dany addressing her army. The only problem is that she didn't earn this right due to poor writing from D&D. A shame. 

I loved that scene too. I felt a very Nazi vibe in the cinematography, which made it really powerful!

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30 minutes ago, Zuzu Bolin said:

The bit where Drogan unfurls his wings with Dany in the foreground - chills. Surely a print of that will be available at some stage?

I'm so conflicted about that shot.  It's an amazing shot and very effective, but it's also rather on-the-nose devil imagery - I felt I was being beaten round the face with "Ooooo, Dany bad" shots.

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Let's see. We'll start at 5 out of 10 and go from there.

Inexplicable numbers of Unsullied and Dothraki: -1

Tyrion's reaction to his dead siblings, tells Dany her shit stinks: +1

Jon is as thickheaded as ever, but Tyrion finally shows there's a brain in that head of his: it's a wash, +/- 0

"Yi wil alwis bi mi kwiin!" Shink! murglblurghldurghl +3 (fairly weak, but hey Dany dies, and at Jon's hand to boot, can't complain)

Drogon turns into SuperSmartDragon.png and melts the throne: -1

fanfic writers everywhere have multiple shittily written orgasms as Drogon flies off with Danys dead body: -2

Fast-forward to a council meeting, didn't feel well explained that this long had gone by but we're used to it, so: 0

Grey Worm gets to say anything instead of getting his head cut off: -½ (yeah yeah they're holding Jon hostage, so only minus half a point)

Edmure being Edmure: +½ (just can't hate the guy)

Tyrion finally being Tyrion again: +1

King Bran the Broken (say it three times in a mirror and he'll run you over in his wheelchair): +1

A Free North: 0 (Felt a little too easy/contrived even if it's perhaps well-deserved).

Captain Arya: +1 (what the fuck else was she ever going to do that makes her remotely happy?)

Jon the Wildling: +1 (I don't get why people are saying he "deserved better", he never wanted to be King, or Lord Commander, or any of that). And who's going to stop him going to Winterfell to visit, should he feel like it? Grey fuckin' Worm? Nah, he's off catching butterflies or something.

Final Result: 9/10. Okay. Well, I wasn't unhappy with it, considering it was the final episode.

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8 hours ago, Tywin Tytosson said:

Agree.  A historical drama with a bit of magic and/or fantasy tossed in at the edges.

To Clarify - are you referring to GRRM?  Or some other writer(s) on the GOT staff?

Yes i am referring to GRRM

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1 hour ago, Ser Quork said:

I'm so conflicted about that shot.  It's an amazing shot and very effective, but it's also rather on-the-nose devil imagery - I felt I was being beaten round the face with "Ooooo, Dany bad" shots.

It's funny to not hear more of this connection being made, because it's kind of heavy-handed, especially just after ep 5 where D&D destroyed a character and they obviously want us to correlate Dany with Scary!

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4 hours ago, Zuzu Bolin said:

The bit where Drogan unfurls his wings with Dany in the foreground - chills. Surely a print of that will be available at some stage?

Of course. Surely there might be some nazi iron eagle on front of the Nuremberg rally. 

Dany is now Westeros Hitler. It is known.


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Really horrible, like the whole season. 
Daenerys is the worst part. YES OF COURSE she has a sharp temper and had a mad father, but she had NEVER hurt people for no reason. Then in the last 2 episodes she suddenly goes Full Hitler. Not only killing hundreds of thousands, but giving no poops about it and pretty much promising to do it again. Even worse than Hitler, really. As another poster points out, the black dress with Drogon's wings unfurling behind was very much Satanic. And meanwhile, in the background, the horrific shrieks of the Dothraki making the aural composition of the scene very suggestive of Dante's Inferno.
She's such a great character in the books and is fully defecated on in the show. For sure, she COULD have been taken from where she was at the end of the books to a similar spot, but it would've been an epic journey. Instead, she just 180s at the very end from benevolent liberator to Death The Destroyer.
Bran? Really? I think I'd want somebody a little bit more in touch with reality as king. Somebody who is fully human. Somebody who doesn't just stare off into space most of the time. And I'd think the election of a king of Westeros would be a little more involved than a bunch of folks sitting around, somebody asks who will lead, ONE NAME gets suggested, and even though the name doesn't really make sense everybody just goes "Sure, whatever, jolly good, mate." This would take months, there would be heavy politics involved, and you can bet your butt there is going to be more than one candidate.
I hear a lot of people comparing Sansa at the end to Littlefinger, but hey, come on, Littlefinger is at least charming and polite. Sansa, who I used to like, has turned into a raging beeyatch since she made it back to Winterfell. By the way, she never gave one hot little f@*! about northern independence until it was convenient to the plot.
And by the way, why did she appear to be, or at least act like, she was in charge at that last (nonsensical) meeting? Where did all these folks come from? How long did it take them to get here? Who organized this? Why has Tyrion been in jail awaiting trial right up until this meeting happens and then suddenly he's the guy who gets to be Hand and all but appointed the King? This Lannister who was the hand of the mad tyrant they just deposed?
And speaking of independence for the North? WHAT? Even though the other 6 kingdoms are going to be ruled by a Stark? And NOBODY has a problem with this? ?????
And Arya? In command of a naval expedition, which fully requires numerous skills she simply does not have even an inkling of? Give. Me. A. Break. The plot armor is heavy with this one.
And Bronn on the council? Why the heck not just put a known criminal in charge of the realm's money? But then again, we do get to pretty much end the whole story with more brothel jokes. <sheesh>
And finally, the tiny island of Naath is going to be SO SO happy when thousands of eunuchs with no skills whatsoever other than war descend upon their shore. . . .
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6 hours ago, Zuzu Bolin said:

The bit where Drogan unfurls his wings with Dany in the foreground - chills. Surely a print of that will be available at some stage?

Hearkens back to Olenna Tyrell in Season 7: "You're a dragon. Be a dragon!"

Here's a gif of that:


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7 hours ago, Ser Leo Targaryen said:

I loved that scene too. I felt a very Nazi vibe in the cinematography, which made it really powerful!

And that's another way how you can tell weiss and benioff are hacks:

The laziest way to show somebody your bad guy is evil is by making your bad guy look like a nazi.

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56 minutes ago, Syphon the Sanitator said:

And that's another way how you can tell weiss and benioff are hacks:

The laziest way to show somebody your bad guy is evil is by making your bad guy look like a nazi.

And giant wings behind her to make her a she-devil nazi!  Just so noone forgets DANY=BAD!

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7 hours ago, Ser Quork said:

I'm so conflicted about that shot.  It's an amazing shot and very effective, but it's also rather on-the-nose devil imagery - I felt I was being beaten round the face with "Ooooo, Dany bad" shots.

I mostly agree, though stronger to the negative. It felt like a high school film student shot, albeit one with with a nice CGI budget.

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I gave it a 7, an improvement on last week's.

I liked Jon being beyond the wall. I like Brienne as Lord Commander of the King's guard and Davos as Master of ships. Even quite enjoyed Bronn as Master of Coin.

Not sure about Bran as king of the six kingdoms though.

Even though I didn't hate this as an ending I do hope the books are considerably different to this.

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Jon to Dany: "You went full Idi Amin. Never go full Idi Amin."

Dragon did what I was hoping someone would do - burn that stupid Iron Throne to the ground.

I gave the episode a ten. I think they did an amazing job with no book to guide them. Yes, it would have been better if GRRM hadn't bitten off more than he could chew and had finished his story before them, but this episode felt like it had more of his influence than others.

Jon never wanted a crown, and the smile on his face as he traveled north with the Wildlings was proof that he was where he wanted to be. Sansa got what she, and the North, wanted. Bran as king was a surprise to me, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. Jon would have never been a good king, whereas Bran is perfect for the job. He doesn't even need a master of whisperers; he has Weirwood.net in his head.

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40 minutes ago, Talking Hodor said:

Jon never wanted a crown, and the smile on his face as he traveled north with the Wildlings was proof that he was where he wanted to be. 

Smile? What smile?

(edit) I *WISH* there had been a smile. Maybe I missed it. 

Edited by CCRArabians
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I was going to give the episode a 4, because the LAST episode (ep. 5) should have been a 4 or even a 3, and I gave it a 5. But I ended up with a 5 for this episode as well, because it wasn't as horrible as it could have been.

A lot of time without any dialogue .. They're not always big on dialogue, are they? Oh, and why was there so much whispering? What is it about Hollywood and whispering, anyway?

I'm not the first to notice that the Dothraki seem to multiply after each engagement. Are they the brooms in the Sorcerer's Apprentice, who split into two whenever they're cut in two?

Emilia Clarke is good at imaginary languages. Apparently, she thought killing the people of KL was liberating them. Yes, I too thought of Stalin. She's back to breaking the wheel, and it looks like there isn't really anyone who wants to raise up the common people who isn't a loony mass murderer? Not perhaps the most inspiring message.

Anyway, given that they asassinated Dany's character, killing her physically not only wasn't unexpected, but could be viewed as a mercy. And at least they let Jon the Kind of Useless do that. That was hardly unexpected, either. A kind of touching scene, though; the chemistry for those two has improved this season. (Last season I'm not sure I ever quite believed in it.)

"Don't tell Sansa." Was that a shoutout to book readers, or a callback to season 1? I don't think that line was kept in season 1.

Kind of a Shade of the Lamp thing with Tyrion: "Up to now she's always killed evil people or enemies." Well, yes. I'm not doing ep. 5, but yes. Which is why the groundwork for ep. 5 was not laid in the show. But anyway ... Also, did no one ask what Drogon would do if Dany was killed? Luckily he just burnt the IT and flew off. But what if he'd gone rogue. Jon must have been borrowing Arya's plot armour. Anyway, that dragon has a lot of soul.

And then we kind of jump to the council. Some of these people we've never seen, others we haven't seen in several seasons, so some (re)introduction would have been useful. I was briefly worried when Sam started talking democracy; but was relieved when the lords laughed. Even D&D know that would be ludicrous for a country whose political development is actually not even mediaeval. (The Middle Ages had parliaments and councils; also they had a highly trained cadre of lawyers, something that doesn't seem to exist in Westeros. And trying to introduce democracy would have led only to dictatorship.) Elective monarchy is not unheard of at all in real history. However, it amounts to oligarchy. This is why it's a pity both Stannis and Dany failed and went nutters; they're the only ones who were much into raising common people (Stannis's Onion Knight.) One thing they could have done is come up with some kind of parliament.

As for Bran ... dunno. I don't really have a better candidate. Gendry has royal lineage and was raised a commoner, so maybe a good choice. Jon is the legitimate heir, but has been locked away, and anyway was a bit of an idiot. So not sure Bran much worse than the other choices (though he was kind of useless). The "stories" thing sounded like it was groping for an interesting idea, but never quite got there. But why "Bran the Broken"? Why not "Bran the All-Knowing" or "Bran the Raven"?

So Tyrion, having been so brilliantly succesful as Hand before, gets another go at it.

GW seems to have gone quietly enough after murdering prisoners and wanting T and Jon dead. Where did the Dothraki go again? What's this about the Reach being empty? The AOTD never made it there, and the war last season (s. 7) seemed fairly easy.

Arya and Jon's farewell seemed more touching than their reunion. This "west of Westeros" business has occasionally come up before, but not sure why she's set on never coming back?

The White Book scene with Brienne was cool (another book "shoutout" I guess). Although Jaime was a complete cad to her. And I did wonder how on earth that book survived. I guess it's because Dany was so bent on punishing Cersei by burning everything *except* the RK. Oh, there I go again with ep. 5.

And Sam's book was also cool. The joke about leaving out T a bit silly, perhaps. Wow, Bronn has done well for himself. Bronn fans must be going WOOHOO! (Not to dis anyone for being a fan.) Not perhaps terribly plausible.

But really, apart from Dany and Jon fans, every fandom gets something. Well, Jon fans get Ghost, I guess because without the dragons there's abit of CGI budget left over. And that was cute. But his end, perhaps not the most satisfying.

Sansa gets to be Queen in the North, and hey, why not. Unlike some other people, she actually did get some quasi-consistent portrayal as an effective administrator. At least in the sense of occasionally saying something about food or whatever. (It's more development than Mad Dany got.)

So that's that.

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On ‎5‎/‎21‎/‎2019 at 7:24 AM, Caligula_K3 said:

And something else... I've been following this series now for 15 years, basically through my teenage years and entire adult life. I am truly grateful to have some closure on this story. No, this season wasn't perfect, and I wish the White Walkers hadn't been such an anti-climax and some more questions had been explained relating to the weather, why the Others were invading, etc.... But it feels good to have an ending to this story. So, thank you sincerely to Dan and David, the other writers, the cast, the crew, and GRRM for delivering an ending, and in my opinion, a good ending.

I wish i could feel the same way you do. I'm just disappointed on those 2 pseudo writers for ruining a potential masterpiece with their own hands, they couldn't just write without book materials, let's face it!and of course GRRM, i get it it's hard work, i could even wait 10 but the point is that your story, or at least some major plotlines have been spoiled. A tv show or a movie has always been inspired by a book/novel, this is the first time in history that a tv show goes over the books it got the inspiration from....and badly spoil it.. I'm just really sad, considering i started reading it in 2005

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Didn´t read the thread yet, as your point of views usually help befor judging the episodes.


  • Personally i find Dany being killed to be so sad, after she had won me over in The Bells. I know there was no space left for her after what she did/she thinks, but still. :(

  • Bran being the new king was pretty shit also. I think his character has been constructed really badly in the show, which makes the craven, children of the forest and powers like prescience irrelevant at this point. Not to mention the insoportable flatness of the character. There is some poetic justice on it after Ned´s death in KL, but still. A detained Tyrion making him the king as if he is 'somebody' didn´t help by the way, and the rest of the council accepting everything was even worst. I didn´t expect this outcome because of Bran´s terrible arc in the show but well, here we are.

  • The council was supossed to be the defining moment of the series but totally lacked the tension needed, and it looked like a routine administrative council. I didn´t like Tyrion stealing the show as i think his character is wasted at this point and has lost all his wit. Also the Starks getting both the 'six' kingdoms and independence for the north without any word doesn´t make loads of sense, does it?

  • I am not commenting on all the usual 'minor' non senses since i´ve got used to them in the last couple of seasons, but Greyworm not killing Tyrion and Jon inmediately was too glaring.

  • The new order in King´s Landing seems to be terribly boring given the characters involved and i can picture Tyrion developing serious alcoholism, because who is he going to have witty conversations with? No Varys, Jamie or Cersei, who i will miss inmensely in the capital. Not even Dany to instill some fear as he tries to advice her. Poor Tyrion won´t stop drinking and crying at his siblings´death site downstairs.

  • Another 'personal' one; I hate Sam since he was 'cowardly' plotting against Dany in Winterfell, even if (again) justified. He should have been feeded to dogs by Greyworm, Dany or whoever. Or at least loyaly join his beloved Jon in the north, but of course he prefers to own the Citadel and enjoy the royal pleasures of the court from time to time. The bastard.


  • Jon. I´ve never been a fan and his arc has gone from him being the good/brave/honest guy bringing hope to Westeros to the passive, stupid and even slightly coward one in the end. A pretty nasty tool if you think about it, or at least terribly unfitting for silverware. Let´s not forget he has comitted the ultimate treason to his beloved queen, justified or not, which makes me hate him on one side but might be interesting as pure character development (if only better built, it feels like a missed opportunity); I like that the one with the best intentions and a good sense of freedom, justice and loyalty ends up killing/treasoning his beloved one and going to exile (again) through the back doors. People with good intentions are 'dangerous' and clumsy too, and he has not only totally mismanaged his supossed leadership and is somehow guilty of the mayhem, but has failed Dany as a lover and adviser. I don´t find his exile in the north redeeming AT ALL, and find it to be the most bitter ending in the show in fact. We all knew he wasn´t attracted to power but god, what a mess he has made. He will have to endure a bitter pain forever while playing nurses with Tormund out of sight. Well deserved!

  • Arya had a (deserved also) 'happy ending' as a new woman just doing what she wants, as usual, even without the 'bad taste' of having to kill Cersei. Yet her explorer role is not only rushed but a bit meh. This could have been better built before the ending with just a couple of mentions. Let´s say correct, just leave the girl enjoy some exotic exploring.


  • Brienne was fantastic and her true feelings of love while honouring Jamie´s memory felt very real, to the point i got a bit emotional. Deserving ending scene for the actor interpreting one of the most interesting characters. I don´t know where she ends up exactly but could well be a great commander for Bran. Solid.

  • I am FINE with Sansa, and even if controversial i think she might be the best built character plus she has the most logical ending to her arc. I´ve been somehow against the grain for years in saying that she would come off well in the end, thous my (second) avatar here. She IS the north and not only owns the lineage but also the commanding skills and support from the lords up there. Also she plays a hand in King´s Landing through Bran. Clean. Solid. Love Sansa.

  • Dany was DAMN GREAT as a nazi, as i was expecting. Her attitude over the ashes/troops was totally goose bumping and while her discourse was intended for the thick (we just knew her reasons already) it felt fitting and explanatory. The filming of the Dothrakis and Unsullied while Jon/Arya approach is fantastic and i am missing a lot more of this darkness in the show. Then she appears dressed in black, just beautiful and convincing with her dragon, and says those things. Hot as hell, i am going to miss the mad queen a lot. Her last conversation with Jon doesn´t leave any doubt; Even if she is pretty mad she had a plan in which she believed, and ends up as the good one with a mission, while Jon becomes another 'necessary' treasonous killer with no real achievements in the end, the minnion. Which i love.

Overall i found the ending to be rather rather meh at first, and voted 4, but after putting it down to words i am going to say solid 6. The episode was terribly constructed and pretty much lacked a soul (given the importance of events) but yet i am fine with the relative bittersweetness and god, I JUST LOVE MAD DANY.


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